Keeping Busy

8 08 2008

I have been so busy! It is great! It’s making time go by so quickly (as far as our wait goes), but I also feel a little flustered that I can’t get everything done! Some things I have been doing to keep my busy…

Captain. Our new puppy needs so much of our attention. I am having so much fun with him (except when he won’t pooder at 6am. In AZ it is HOT even at 6am.). Grooming him, running him to the vet for his shots and playing with him is taking up about half my life right now. It is so much fun!

The Nursery. I have so many ideas and so little money! Hehe. I love scouring online to find the perfect little thing that I am looking for. I have ordered a million paint samples and still haven’t decided.

Decorating. I am creating two different collages of photo frames in our home right now. One in the garage (I know, weird, but they are from our boat and quad trips- so they go in the garage) and one in our upstairs loft. I love pictures – taking them and framing them and looking at them!

Cooking. Lately I have been learning to cook and I love it! I love that my husband loves to eat my food and that we are eating cheaper and healthier.

Research and registry. I have been doing tons and tons of research on important baby items like car seats, strollers and cribs. I have also been doing research on things I won’t be buying, like sleep positioners and co-sleepers. I have also been researching the right books to buy and read about child development and parenting. Eventually, all these things will be put on our registry.

Trips. I don’t feel like I am ever home. Last weekend I was up north, this weekend I am staying in a hotel across town with family in town, next weekend I am heading back up north (yay!).

Blogging. I’m obsessed, I admit it. I am on here several times a day updating and being updated. I love hearing about everyone’s stories and I love finding new stories to follow.

Honestly, part of me is a little flustered. I don’t even have time to do all the things I want to do, but at least I am not sitting and twiddling my thumbs!




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8 08 2008

Good for you. You’re going to have to post something about everything you’ve learned through your research. Save the rest of us some time!

8 08 2008

Hey Bri!From one fellow obsessed blogger to another, I KNOW what you mean! I’m going to a lake cabin the week after next, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without my blogs to read! Hehe…I’m sure my trip will be fun and relaxing, but it is going to be weird to miss the updates for a week. I think it’s great you are staying so busy, that does make the days fly by and the wait seem less stressful. Can’t wait to see pictures of your nursery!!Melba

8 08 2008

The only things we bought brand new were…a crib, and a car seat. Everything else we’ve found at yard sales and second hand stores! You’ll get a lot from your shower too! Good luck…yes keep busy…but it will move fast….we were prepared to wait 18 months from the time we were active and we only waited 6 weeks. God’s plan! God Bless!

8 08 2008

Wow, doing up the nursery. Enjoy! Do you feel that you are much happier after moving on to adoption?? I’m glad for you. I wish that I can move on soon.

8 08 2008

Ditto on the posting your research! You and I are so much alike. I’ve been super busy filling my life with similar things! I’ve been working on the nursery for weeks, scouring websites for the perfect end table, light fixture, rug, etc. It’s so much fun! I haven’t started researching baby stuff, yet, but that’s next on the list!

12 08 2008
I Believe in Miracles

Great list!! I think it’s great that you’re keepibg busy. Good luck!! Crossing fingers. :o)

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