Research, Research, and More Research Part 2

29 08 2008

More research results!

For high chairs, I registered for this and I am sticking with it. CR rates it highest and it scores a the highest level for ease of use and safety.

For Monitors, I was going to register for this one but I want this one.

I think this one is too expensive ($200) for a monitor, and even though it was the highest rating, who am I kidding? I don’t have to have the best of EVERYTHING! Hehe. It is supposed to have very clear sound, though. Maybe if I find two $100 bills on the side of the road.So, I think I will stick with this one because I want one with two receivers because our home it two story.

I will definitely be registering for this because it blew all the competition out of the water.

I will be registering for this. It is on the expensive side, but by word of mouth recommendations and CR, this thing blows everything else away.




2 responses

29 08 2008
Debbie B

I have the monitor you registered for. I really like the 2 monitors.

30 08 2008

Okay, keep it up girl! I’m totally copying!!! That high chair is super cool! I have no opinions or education on exer-saucers, so I’m going with yours! 🙂

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