Research, Research, and More Research Part 3

30 08 2008

Continuing on…

I also ordered this, due to recommendation from a friend, and a blogger. I have heard great things about it, especially if you baby has trouble sleeping or has colic.

I will also be ordering one of these as soon as the gender neutral one comes back in stock. I have heard great things about the Miracle Blanket and it looks pretty interesting. Another great thing for tough sleepers and colic.

I will be ordering one of these for our bedroom for the first few months. (even though they don’t carry them at BRU)

I’m really into convenience (I know, not very green- but I’m working on it), especially when I am on the go. I think these are all really cool…

Disposable Bibs

Disposable changing pads

Table toppers (so my baby isn’t eating off a bare table in a restaurant)

That is all for my specific products. Here are a few things I learned from perusing the CR website.

Some interesting stuff about BPA in baby bottles.

We should be using these brands:
Evenflo Classic without BPA Custom Flow,
Medela Breast Milk Feeding and Storage Set,
Nuby Non-Drip by Luv n’care,
MAM Silk-Touch Nipple Anti-Colic Valve by Sassy, Inc

Need to know info about sleeping

Do not use a crib made earlier than 2000.
Do not use bumpers or any type of soft bedding in the crib.
Do not use sleep positioners. They do not have to meet any safety standards.
Do not use co-sleepers. These are baby beds that attach to the adult bed. They do not have to meet any safety standards.

Now to solicit some advice. I am debating on a swing. I know it totally depends on the kid but I just can’t decide here. Are there any other awesome products out there that you guys know of or love and couldn’t live without?




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30 08 2008

Wow, Bri…it’s great to read all your thoughts on these items. Saves me having to do the research myself, since I know we think so much alike! :)I still haven’t registered or really allowed myself to truly believe I will be a mom someday…I hope I get to that point soon. I want to do it, and I want to buy things, but I start looking and I just can’t do it yet. Weird!

30 08 2008
Debbie B

She’s not in it a lot now but was the first 3 months, the bouncy chair. I think you already mentioned one on a previous post that you found. My personal experience on the swing is NO. She doesn’t nap in it or stay in it very long at all. But she really likes interaction. I think the swing is something you could wait on. If you want to register for one but don’t open it until you think the baby will use it. My bro-in-law always used those bibsters when they were out or at someone’s house. When at home they used hard plastic bibs with a catch on the bottom for falling food. I have some light plastic ones I use now when she eats baby food and will move to the hard ones once she is bigger. They are easy to clean. I think you can even throw the harder ones in the dish washer. I love seeing all your research.

30 08 2008

I’ve already got a Miracle Blanket…and a pac and play….see my post on cosleeping…I totally agree…too dangerous. Best of luck with all the research.

30 08 2008

No experience of my own, but my sister’s baby loved her swing… I think you’re right, it’s completely baby-specific. She had the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders cradle swing, and would sleep in it for hours! BRU has discontinued it for some reason, but it’s still available on FP’s website.Love reading your research! 🙂

31 08 2008

I could not have lived without a swing, although we had twins and a 1 year old, but all of the babies we’ve ever had loved the swing. When they are old enough to sit up the Exersaucer is a must. Also a baby wearer. One that can go on front or back, although again with the twins I had one on the front and one on the back. Those three things were my must haves.

2 09 2008

Thanks for getting me stirred up! I went and registered this weekend. Well, I pretty much just opened my account. I wanted to do some online research before I committed to anything! As for that miracle blanket I was just reading my friend’s blog ( she was singing its praises. Her baby wasn’t sleeping through the night and is now!Oh, and what did you decide on the monitor. Are you going video or sticking with a cheaper option? I can’t decide…

2 09 2008

The Miracle Blanket saved my sanity:) We started using it on Lily at six weeks and she was sleeping nearly 10 hours a night within a week. It was awesome:)You’re doing some great research here! And for us, a swing was a very good thing because Lily had such severe reflux that she had to sit up right for at least 30 min. after eating. We’d hold her lots of the time but for times we couldn’t or had something to get done, the swing was awesome.

3 09 2008

Yes, the Happiest Baby on the Block. A friend recommended it, and it was just amazing to watch.

9 09 2008
Ashley Jene

I personally LOVE the Fisher Price Rainforest Swing (the larger one) it actually is able to be plugged into the wall instead of always having to use batteries! It has a mobile, and plays music…both my babies LOVED it!Also was the rainforest jumperoo, it really strengthened their legs and they both preferred it to the excersaucer. Both of our babies are adopted and we waited almost 4 years for them! But when it rains, it pours and then we had two babies 3 months apart! Best wishes to you!

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