My little furball

8 10 2008

This is my little guy getting all big on me! He now weighs 3.5 pounds! Ha! He is wearing his ASU shirt to support our team (even though the season isn’t going so well). I honestly can’t believe how much I love this little guy. What am I going to do without him next week?




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8 10 2008
Reggie Boppy

What a cutie pie!

8 10 2008

Ridiculously cute! What kind is he, and what is this fella’s name?

8 10 2008
I Believe in Miracles

He is SOOOOO adorable!! Isn’t it funny how we can’t think of having a dog for a long time, and then once we get one, we can’t think of being without them? When I went away last weekend I missed my dog like crazy. And now we’re supposed to go away AGAIN this weekend and I’m seriously having second doubts about leaving the dog. 3.5 is so little!! How big is he supposed to get?

8 10 2008

What a little cutie pie! Mine is a 50lb. lap dog. 🙂 She still thinks she’s a puppy! 🙂

8 10 2008

Oh, I was interested in asking you a couple of questions about your agency since you’re in AZ too. If you want to share, here’s my e-mail: (if not, it’s completely okay. 🙂

9 10 2008


11 10 2008

SO cute! I wish I had a little OU sweater my cat could wear!

17 10 2008

OH SO CUTE!!!!!!

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