My Christmas list

2 11 2008

So, I’ve decided to make a Christmas list (my bday is a week before Christmas, so it is also a bday list). I want LOTS of stuff this year, although without hubby having a job…..who knows if we will even have a Christmas (at least the gift part anyway).

1. What can I say, my dog has an obsession with my undergarments and supply is running low.

2. My dish towel situation is currently sad, sad, sad!

3. Isn’t it pretty? Non-snowboarders just wouldn’t understand!

4. This is my #1 as far as wanted level, but number LAST on the likely to receive.

5. I’ve always wanted one of these tilt-out drawers for that wasted space!

6. I know, another snowboarding thing- but the technology here is amazing ~ and they are made specifically for women!

7. A universal document converter (so I can convert the pdf files I create from my graphic design software to jpg so I can share and print higher qualities without going to Kin.kos)
Thats all! I haven’t had a Christmas list in years!
Santa- do I need to send you a separate letter, or are you reading this?




8 responses

2 11 2008

A good list! I’m a non-snowboarder, but I agree it is pretty! I also want a camera and was looking at the Nikon D40…don’t know if that’s going to happen, but we’ve broken 2digitial cameras this year (both dropped). I may get one, but maybe not the Nikon. I hope your Christmas wishes come true (or at least 1 of them)

2 11 2008

The ski goggle is so sweet! It’s so feminine, I totally like it! Is it oakley??

2 11 2008

We have one of those tilt-out drawers in our kitchen… it’s FABULOUS! 🙂

3 11 2008
I Believe in Miracles

a) never heard of that drawer. Amazing.b) 100 posts!! wow. i think i forgot when mine happened. i have like 105 now. eek. :o) can you believe it? I can’t imagine that your hubby doesn’t know. mine does, but i’ve asked him not to read.c) praying for hubbys job.***HUGS***

3 11 2008

OMG, we just renovated our kitchen this summer and we got the tilt-out holder thing-y and it is so annoying. We had a really hard time attaching it so that it would close and it’s never really been quite right. Hopefully you will have better luck. Ooooo, nice camera. I just got the Rebel and I’m loving the SLR!

3 11 2008

Love your list, girl. I hope you get everything you want very soon, including a baby!Santa, I’m verifying that Bri has been good this year. Really. Truly.

3 11 2008

I know I’m WAY late, but I’m playing bloggy catch-up! I had to comment on the Nikon D60! Ben bought me one for my birthday and I LOVE it. It truly takes the most incredible pictures! If someone decides to spoil you and buy it make sure they buy it off of Amazon. Ben got a sweet deal (way better than what you’d find in the stores!)

4 11 2008
Cody and Melissa

This could be MY list! Love the board and goggles! Although..I have yet to master snowboarding…especially the getting off the lift part, and the carving part. Pretty much I’m snowboard retarded. Anywhoo…love the list!

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