Thanks, Melba!

1 05 2009

Thank you to my dear, dear friend Melba for sending this package to R. You are too sweet and too thoughtful! I cannot thank you enough!!

She loves her pink octopus towel and is thankful for the break from neutral color bathing acessories!

Today she is wearing her blue winney the pooh dress and mom just LOVES the mommy’s girl onesie. It seems to be a diamond in the rough!! (why does all the girl garb only mention daddy!

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8 responses

1 05 2009

How sweet is that?!??!

1 05 2009

bri, R is just beautiful!!

2 05 2009

LOVE those clothes! The caterpillar outfit- I call those types of outfits “bubble outfits” and they’re my favorite to put on little girls!

2 05 2009
Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3

She’s beautiful!!

2 05 2009

How cute! (the gifts and your little girl!)

2 05 2009

What a cute little girl.

2 05 2009

I saw that Mommy shirt and just *had* to get it…I’m glad you liked the things I sent…R. looks sooo beautiful in her towel just after her bath!! Hugs,Melba

9 07 2009

So, classic Q you might get: If you received your daughter 24hours after being accepted, did you have essentials?? Had you already received gifts/bought items? We're going to have our home visit and finish our profile, and then we're out there. I just think, then it can happen anytime, so we should have necessities now! Your story solidifies my thinking 🙂 Your daughter is beautiful.

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