4 05 2009
Being a big furr-brother is hard work!

Momma said to fold my hands nicely…

I LOVE my swing!

I’m a swaddling escape artist!!

My first smile (mom and dad are beside themselves!)




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4 05 2009
M/J Granata

Bri… Oh my goodness! She is precious! Absolutely adorable! Love her little smile…:) Thank you for posting pics!

4 05 2009
Debbie B

Simply precious. I especially love the swaddled one.

4 05 2009
Hoping for a Miracle~~

Bri – she’s beautiful! My computer is down so its hard to comment! But I am so happy for you guys! I love reading your new mommy experiences and seeing new pictures, thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!

4 05 2009

R is a cutie pie!

4 05 2009

she is a cutie.Laughing at the swaddling pic. Shelby never liked swaddling.

4 05 2009
Mrs H

What a cutie pie! She looks so tiny! I love the last picture. It reminds me of like zoolander. That she stopped whatever she was doing and posed for it!The yellow outfit makes me want to smoosh her with kisses!

4 05 2009

She’s gettign so big! sn’t it fun to watch them discover things? It’s so funny, I didn’t realize that folding hands like that is actually a milestone. The doctor asked me about it at Colt’s 4-month appointment and I thought “yeah, he’s been doing that forever”. But then I realized when he’s doing something cute, I should savor it because he’s LEARNING! Right before my eyes!R is beautiful and she looks so healthy and happy!

4 05 2009

Oh yay for pictures! She’s so beautiful!!! I love the “swaddling escape artist” and the folding hands one!

4 05 2009
Simply Complex

I’m not sure how you are swaddling, but it looks like you are using what we used. Some tips that worked for us: Put on socks that will not come off (Plain white 0-3 month GAP socks worked well) because when they don’t have socks on, their sticky/sweaty feet help to “grab” the cloth as they kick and it works free the interior Velcro. Also, after you place her well socked feet in the sack, tuck her right arm down by her body, pull the cloth over her chest and tuck it tightly under her left side. To make it tight, kind of roll her onto her right side as you are tucking the cloth under her left side, behind her back. The important part here is NOT to include both arms in that first (interior) flap! After that is nice and tight (see the theme here), then you can bring her left arm down to her side and snugly bring the outer flap over to Velcro it shut. That is what worked great for us. My husband often used the internal flap to wrap around both of his arms, and that allowed him to wiggle free. And if we had socks on that he would rub off, even if his arms stayed tight, his legs would be sticking out of the bottom by morning. If that doesn’t work, use a miracle blanket. I didnt do that cause I a cheap- but I heard they work well.

4 05 2009

My gosh she’s cute!! I LOVE THE SMILE!!!

4 05 2009

Aw! It is amazing how big they get and so fast. She is beautiful!

4 05 2009

She is so cute!

4 05 2009

Awwww, such a cutie pie! I love her little yellow dress and hat!

4 05 2009

R is beautiful! And the picture of your dog cracks me up!!! 🙂

5 05 2009

She is adorable!!! I love your dog pic too. Too funny….

5 05 2009

Oh she’s a beauty, I love that little dress and hat!

5 05 2009

Seriously……could she be more beautiful?!!! Man!Just too happy for you!!!

6 05 2009

ahhh so cute..she is just perfect!!!m:)

6 05 2009

awww.what a cutie!! I really love the swaddling picture! 🙂 milo NEVER wanted his arms inside and after a while just wanted arms and legs spread out. 🙂 sooo, much fun! 🙂

7 05 2009


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