R’s 3-month portraits

29 07 2009

It only took me a month to edit and print these… they turned out pretty good and I found an inexpensive printer that does professional photo printing and real-life wallet sizes! Way better than sna.pfi.sh or shu.t.ter.fly(and more expensive, but well worth it on the larger prints and wallets!)!!




13 responses

29 07 2009
Jessica Ann

She is too beautiful! Looks so happy and content.

29 07 2009
M/J Granata

Total cuteness!!!! Thanks for posting them! Her eyes are beautiful, as is her smile! You are so blessed… you really are! Hugs to you…Jules

29 07 2009

I can't believe R is 3 months old already! She's adorable πŸ™‚

29 07 2009

Beautiful baby. Beautiful pics.

29 07 2009

so gorgeous!!! love her big beautiful eyes πŸ™‚

29 07 2009

SO beautiful!!! My favorite is that one where she looks like she's biting the blanket and all you see is her three little fingers sticking out. DARLING!!!Melba

29 07 2009

She is gorgeous. I love tutu pictures!

29 07 2009
Leah W

hi, i have kept up on your story and just had to share that when I want to get professional wallets done from photos I have taken myself I use mpix.com.they print beautifully & are inexpensive πŸ™‚

29 07 2009

Oh my gosh…ADORABLE!!! I can't believe she is so big!

29 07 2009

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your daughter.

29 07 2009
Debbie B

Awww.. I was doing great until that last one. OMG!! It is so adorable. I love it. But then I'm partial to jeans. You did an amazing job.

29 07 2009

Oh my, she is gorgeous! Daddy needs to invest in some baseball bats.

30 07 2009

Thank you for sharing.She is so adorable.

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