Flying without a Birth Certificate

16 09 2009

Has anyone had any issues flying with a lap child without a birth certficate? Has anyone had any success? What type of ID did you use to verify age (obviously my 14lb 5 month old isn’t two)?




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16 09 2009

we had to fly home with milo at 1 week old. we also flew with him at 5 months old (obviously both times w/o a birth certificate). i had our power of attorney piece of paper available, but no one asked for anything. the only thing we had to do was add him to the manifest when we checked in just so they would know he was on board. those were both between phoenix and portland. :)good luck!! 🙂

16 09 2009

In the few times I've flown with Elizabeth, both under two and since she has been two, no one asked for a single thing for her. Like the above commenter said, I just had to give her name. No worries. 🙂

16 09 2009
Debbie B

We flew with Isabel without one. Do you have adoption papers from the agency that have her birthdate on them? That's all we needed to show. It's not that hard to convince them she's under 2 right now though so you likely won't have a problem.

16 09 2009

We flew at 8 days to bring our baby home, and again at 3 months. We didn't need a birth certificate either time. Southwest asked for it, but we just told them we adopted him and didn't have one. We gave them our lawyer's name and they were fine. Delta never asked. Check with the airline, because they are all different.

16 09 2009

So easy on Southwest…just took the shot record.

16 09 2009

we've flown cross country with our daughter 3 times so far, and she's only 13 months. none of the airlines have ever asked any questions 🙂

16 09 2009

I fly for an airline and we don't require anything…unless it is an International flight.

16 09 2009

I flew with Samuel at two weeks once ICPC cleared and didn't have any trouble. I don't think you'll need anything but you could always call the airline and confirm.

16 09 2009

Our agency gave us a certificate when we left the hospital, saying that we had custody.

16 09 2009

I just got back from a vacation with my 9 month old and they did not ask for any form of ID. I took his social security card and his shot records with me just in case, but they asked for nothing. 🙂

16 09 2009

I flew home with my 7 day old daughter and no one asked to see anything, I even forgot about the name thing and gave our name for her..not her legal (at the time) name! We also flew last year just before she turned 2 and our son was 18 months and we only had to give names…no proof of anything. We did carry some paperwork our case worker had given us just in case…but there was no trouble at all! Good luck!

19 09 2009
Maru and Fico

We don't have a birth certificate yet either… We were able to fly back home with our daughter when she was only 12 days old with a certificate of guardianship our agency gave us.

22 09 2009

We brought a copy of the placement paper, and highlighted his date of birth on it. It worked just fine. Southwest has always asked for it, in the 4 times I've flown with Andrew, so, if you fly with them, bring some paperwork.

24 09 2009

My daughter and I flew to see my family atleast 12 times in her first 2 years on both Delta and Northwest; never was asked for anything more than her name. Just had to make sure that my boarding pass said "Infant in Arms/Lap". It was always a breeze and had lots of help from the wonderful security people when trying to juggle stroller, diaper bag, baby, etc. It was even a better experience when I gave a her a little Benadryl right before we boarded. 🙂

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