My sis and nieces

30 09 2009

I never posted about my sister’s visit. It was hectic and crazy and fun. It was cool getting to see her be a mom to those girls… my baby sister is all grown up!! Her girls are so stinkin cute and little. They were 5 weeks old when they were here and they were still smaller than R was when she was born! Thankfully, since then, they have hit a major growth spurt. They are both really demanding babies and they cry a whole lot more than R did, but she handles them so well. It amazes me how she doesn’t stress out when they cry (even when they are both crying at the same time, which is pretty much whenever either of them cries). It still stresses me out to hear babies cry… because R never really did.

The visit was nice, but there were too many other visitors coming and going the entire time they were here. I realized with only about a day left that I was always letting someone else hold my nieces because I had all week with them, but the visitors never stopped, so I never really got a whole lot of time with them – unless they were both crying because I apparently have the mommy touch now!

My sis and the girls’ daddy are really trying to work it out. Since I know them both separately, it was really good to see them together. I think they can do it. While she was here, he left for Iraq. It was really hard on her when he left and I felt awful for her.

In Oct, R and I are going to visit them all in UT. We are going to go to the zoo, which I am unreasonably excited about. For some reason, going to the zoo is one of those mom fantasies I had while I was waiting. I can’t wait for it to be realized. So, we are spending 4 days visiting family. When we come home, my sis is driving out here for a MONTH!! It should be fun and interesting and rest assured that I will be ready for them to go home when it is time. They will be staying one of those weeks with someone else. It is awesome, though, because they will be here for Halloween, our court date and party, and Thanksgiving. Woohoo. We are also going to go to the zoo again here! I love the zoo!




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1 10 2009

I know what you mean about the zoo! Someone gave us a yearly membership as a gift when C. was born, and that still stands out as one of the BEST gifts we got!! So sad about your sister's guy leaving for Iraq, I'm sure that must be so hard, with the babies especially. Yay for having the mommy touch!! Melba

1 10 2009

The zoo definitely has that magical "I'm a mom now!" feel to it.And your sister sounds lovely and like she's doing great! It's hard for me to hear babies cry, too, even though my first was a high maintenance baby.

3 10 2009
Aaron and Angie

B! I LOVE the zoo! We took the girls for the first time a few weeks ago and it was so fun! Wish we could do it all the time. Sounds like you have lots of plans this fall! Yay for babies!! Enjoy it all!!

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