That flying time

2 10 2009

Ok, so lately I have been thinking so much about how fast time is flying. I know, everyone with an infant says that. I wonder if it would feel this way if I was a SAHM. I bet it would, I think I just like to blame it on the fact that I am working!

Baby stages are funny. Every time R does something new I am so completely excited for this new phase/stage. Every once in awhile I will look back at how she used to be and be a little sad. That part when she would just cuddle with me all day didn’t last very long. I liked that. But I LOVE where she is now. She is so much fun, so active and mobile and full of personality.
I think the fact that it is going by so extremely fast is my only disappointment with being a mom. You don’t really get the “they grow up so fast,” until they are actually growing up way too fast. The rest of being a mom is simply fabulous. It still occasionally gives me chills to think about the incredible amount of fulfillment I feel! She constantly occupies my thoughts. I love getting to plan her meals and trying to schedule her wardrobe so that everything gets worn an appropriate amount (does anyone else do this? I think I invest way too much mental energy into my daughter’s wardrobe… but she has so much cute stuff and I want her to wear it all. Mind you, I have purchased next to nothing for her and won’t have to until she is two. Our friends and family were SOOOO generous when she came home!).

It is funny how the simplest things become awesome with a baby. Mealtime is so much fun. I don’t even mind doing laundry. I love to dust her nursery and organize her closet and shop for formula and cook her baby food and give her baths and rock her to sleep (ahhhh… rocking her to sleep warms my heart EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!). But my very favorite thing of all is just the way we spend our nights. Me, Hubbs, R and captain on the floor just hanging out, playing, talking, and laughing. This is my family. This is my life. There is NOTHING that can top this. It is so simple, but it is the very core of who I am.




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3 10 2009

Everything you said is EXACTLY what I'm looking forward to! I'm so glad you're happy:)

3 10 2009

Yep, as a SAHM I feel exactly the same way. Isn't it annoying how hard it is to write about motherhood without descending into cliche like "they grow up too fast" because IT'S JUST SO TRUE. I'm the same way about Evie's clothes. I try to make sure she wears each outfit at least once, even if I don't care for it, and that she never wears the same thing twice to church or baby storytime, etc. 🙂

3 10 2009

Definitely bittersweet to want them to stay one way (as babies) and yet want to watch them grow into amazing little human beings. I only think about wardrobes like that when they're not old enough to protest and pick their own out (around 18 months or so some little girls really get their fashion on and want to pick out their own clothes!). But when they're babies? Oh yeah… I definitely try to give each outfit a "fair" wear!

3 10 2009
Aaron and Angie

I said the same thing about time a few weeks ago! I told my mom that I really hadn't understood the whole "time flies so fast" thing until my girls came along. I used to think… my life it moving at a pretty good pace. Now? Oh how it goes by too fast. I cannot believe my Holly is walking and Hannah is sitting up on my lap watching life go on before her little eyes! And, I totally find myself doing the same thing with the girls clothes that you do with R's. I have a spare bedroom that is FULL of girl clothes. My challenge is what to put away from Holly because Hannah is right behind and wearing some of it. 🙂

4 10 2009
Debbie B

Priceless! I plan Isabel's outfits out too. Dave was just making fun of me today for it.

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