I feel like I am being followed…

12 10 2009
I just noticed that my followers are up to 64. Holy crap! So much pressure. I was thinking about it and wondering, who are all you people following me? I feel honored… but then I thought about those few blogs that I follow (or stalk, really, I don’t publicly follow) that I only read because they are complete trainwrecks. I never comment on those, I just read and then move on simply because they provide me with entertainment value. I wonder if I am some of your trainwreck blog?

At work the other day, I asked my friend how his weekend was. He responded (completely serious) that “it was a very interesting weekend. Our refrigderator went out and then miraculously three hours later is starting working again.” I had to try not to snicker. Interesting? Really?

So, maybe I am a bit of trainwreck. If I think back to the past year, my life has been pretty interesting. From getting certified, my SIL getting pregnant with twins and being crazy, bringing my puppy home, my sister getting pregnant with twins and ME being crazy, to going to therapy, to my dreams coming true in a matter of hours. I guess at very least, things have interesting.

So, what I was GOING to say, is “HELLO” to all of my new followers. Introduce yourselves and I will follow you back!!



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12 10 2009

I'm Leanna Ralbusky from Kentucky. I read your blog and I am a birthmom. Closed adoption 1986, reunited with daughter in 2005.

12 10 2009

hehe you know me….i think we all have trainwreck moments….lol..thanks for supporting me through mine!m:)

13 10 2009

HI there -I'm Dana, from Pennsylvania. Hubs & I have been waiting to adopt for a little over 4 months now. Love your blog…

13 10 2009

Samantha here, from Georgia…a friend of an adopting couple just matched this past week. Since they began their journey over a year ago, I have been all about all things adoption…your blog being one of them!

13 10 2009

I like your blog because it gives me hope….Our baby is out there. Sometimes it seems like I will never find them, but at the right time, it will happen.

13 10 2009

This is probably one of very few instances when it's actually pretty cool to be followed! 🙂 This post cracked me up, thanks for the good laugh. I would say interesting, YES…but trainwreck, NO!! Now I'm curious to know what your trainwreck blogs are!! Melba

13 10 2009
Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3

Hello, I don't remember where I found it but I love to read about people going through the process of adopting since me nad my husband are thinkin about eventually adopting a baby since he got fixed and now he wants another baby. I'm Jessica from Illinois. My blog consist of my crazy life as a mother of 3 under 3. Try to keep up with my blog as much as possible but lately its been very hard. Feel free to follow me.

13 10 2009
Jennifer Van Buskirk

Hey…I read your blog. I'm a 28 year old teacher who deals with infertility. My husband and I are embarking on the adoption road and I love reading your blog.

13 10 2009
Debbie B

You're not a trainwreck. You have a very interesting blog. You know you can click on all those followers and find out where they lead you. Sometimes it can be scary but you never know what trainwreck might be waiting for you. :-)Oh and I hope I'm not one of those trainwrecks!!!

13 10 2009

You know me too! I follow because you are another future adoptive mama and I adore that!!You are no trainwreck (although I too follow a few of them but not publicly..). I am following to watch your dream come true, no matter when that may be! :)Funny post!Hugs, Jill

13 10 2009

Oh, doll, you crack me up!I hope I'm not one of your train wreck blogs. 🙂 Well, I'm totally an old been-around-here-awhile reader but I thought I'd pop on here to say "hi". As you know I'm an adoptive mom to a busy toddler living in good ole Nebraska! Have a good day!!!

13 10 2009

I am a momma to a newly turned 1 year old. I follow, but do not have a blog of my own. You will be pleased to know, I do not follow beacuse you are a trainwreck. 🙂 I follow because I enjoy your writing. I started long before you received the call and I rejoiced with you that day!

13 10 2009

I think I have posted before, but I am a PCOS victim, failed fertility treatments, now adoptive Mama to two beautiful children. Our Princess just turned 3 and our Boo will be 3 in December…they are blessings! I have enjoyed reading your blog for well over a year, and it has been great to celebrate with you and your sweet one! I subscribed to your blog the very day I first found it because I know that pain you WERE going through, it was the pain I felt before Sept27th06.

13 10 2009

Ummm….I'm afraid I might be a trainwreck that you stalk!Rachel, from Indiana. I'm not a "follower," per se, but I do have you on my "Adoption Blogs I Read" list on my blog. I'm not sure how to do the follower thing.I have 15 followers, though, and I understand the pressure to write 🙂

14 10 2009

I've been following you for a bit now and enjoy your blog. I am Kelly from Texas and have a 6 year old son and a 13 month old that we adopted domestically. I do have a blog, but don't update it as often as I would like. Being a working mom with a very active toddler is exhausting.

15 10 2009

I choose you for a reward. Check out my blog.

15 10 2009

this is too funny 🙂 i follow ~ don't always have time to comment with an 8.5 month old tugging on my leg to hold him or feed him or…. 🙂 BUT I do follow and it's not because it's a trainwreck blog! 🙂

16 10 2009

Miss seeing pics of your angel!!!

19 10 2009

I'm Michell from Texas, Birthmom to a beautiful daughter born in 1986, "reunited" via facebook and A.com in 2006. First face to face in July of 2008. Birthgrandma to a beautiful baby boy who turned 1 this last Sept.The world would be boring without a few trainwrecks!!!

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