I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…. and a few temp photos!

20 10 2009

Things are beautifully crazy!

– I am officially addicted to coffee
– I have a crawler!! She started crawling on her 6 month birthday and quickly turned into a cruiser to even more quickly started pulling herself up and wanting to hold our hands and walk around. Sheesh. This kid is only six months old. Slow down a bit!!

– We are going on our first plane trip on Friday. Wish us luck!! I am not nervous about HER at all, she is an angel and will not have any issues (and I have Baby Einstein on my laptop just in case). Hubbs isn’t going and he isn’t even in town. I am being dropped by my friend with two kids and I am not sure how I am going to navigate through the airport with all our stuff. I am only taking a stroller, car seat, 1 bag and a diaper bag…. But that is still a lot for just ME! I’ll manage.
– R has suddenly become VERY clingy. I will admit, I like it a little. She loves her mama and I can’t say it is in the least bit irritating. Dada gets his feelings hurt a little, but he manages.
– The excitement that fills this girl when I walk in the room fills my heart like I never imagined. I cannot articulate how much I love this little bug!
– We have recently had our first shiner, first fall off the couch (or anything), and first self inflicted wound (as a result of her newly found mobility). It doesn’t matter (yes it does), but I want to point out they have all been under daddy’s care. But again, that doesn’t matter. J
– Naptime has become increasingly difficult. She has always been a great sleeper, but now that she can crawl and lift herself up to a stand(but can’t get back to sitting with out falling), things have gotten rough.
– Baby-proofing is NOT fun. Especially on a two story house. Keep the baby from going up the stairs, keep the baby from falling down the stairs. It would be much easier if the soon-to-be playroom was downstairs.
– She loves to eat. EVERYTHING.
– R’s mama is unreasonably excited about the upcoming months. The zoo, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
– I already started my Christmas shopping. Shhhh.. Here is a secret… other than Hubbs, I am DONE!! I’ve got all 10 nieces and nephews done, R done and since my family doesn’t exchange gifts between adults, I am COMPLETELY done and I am allowing Hubbs to do all the shopping for his family. I personally think Christmas isn’t about getting gifts for anyone, especially not the adults. I just need to find R a cool stocking. The challenge from here on out is going to be to NOT buy R anything else between now and Christmas. Since Hubb’s family ONLY buys directly from lists (another reason exchanging gifts is stupid with them. I have to provide them with EXACT details about what I want and from where. DUMB), anything else I find that SHE wants, I can have them get it for her.
– We finalize two weeks from tomorrow! Yay!
– I am just in love with sales. Probably to a fault. I just got a great deal on a new car seat for R when she turns one. I am super excited about it!!
– I gave blood today!




20 responses

21 10 2009

Oh. My. Gosh.She is TOO darn cute!!!

21 10 2009

Too cute!!!! Good luck on the trip.

21 10 2009

She is absolutely beautiful! Have a good trip. I'm so jealous that you are practically done with your Christmas shopping. That is amazing.

21 10 2009

She is such a cutie! Have a great trip! I am envious that you already have your Christmas shopping done! We are still trying to decide what to buy for our daughter.If we move to PHX I will let you know! It would be great to get together for playdates!

21 10 2009

Love the kitchen shot – that's AWESOME! Ben, too, gets his feelings hurt over Ty's clinginess…and um, we're finishing up OUR Christmas shopping this weekend! :)I want to enjoy every second of the holidays with my baby! I can't wait! It's fun for me to read R's stats because Ty will turn 6 months right before Christmas. I was thinking we'd just be sitting up…but now I'm wondering if we'll start crawling! How fun would that be?Although I'm not really ready for him to be mobile either!!Glad you're doing so well. Big props for flying with baby alone. Wow.

21 10 2009

I too love the cooking photo, that's a hoot! I can't believe that girl is already crawling AND cruising, WOW. Well, actually I an believe it because she's done just about everything really early, but wow…you must be thrilled but exhausted!! Reminds me a little of Jamie's Milo…I think little Charlie is kind of the opposite. He's just so content to be where he is that he doesn't seem to think it necessary to roll or move anywhere, LOL! But it's great, and I know he will do things when the time is right for him. 🙂 I'm totally with you on the Christmas thing. I haven't finished my shopping yet, but I AM so very excited…and it feels good for a change!! Just tonight when I got him out of the bath, I was singing Charlie some of my favorite Christmas carols…but then we decided it was a bit early for that, even for crazy mommy! I too love the neediness, it is so precious when you realize there is another human being that really does adore you that much. SO SWEET!Good luck with the flight, and making it through the airport. Probably not a ton of fun, but I know you'll do great!Hugs,Melba

21 10 2009

what a complete and utter beauty!!!

21 10 2009

Thank you for sharing the photos for a while. She is beautiful!

21 10 2009

She is so cute! Good luck with your flight. I had to fly home with Samuel by myself when he was two weeks old and we survived. Hopefully it will go smoothly for you. Even though you'll have to pay, check whatever you can. It will be worth it in the end. Also, plan for delays – pack extra food, bottles, toys, etc. in the diaper bag just in case.

21 10 2009

she is such a cutie! i LOVE the one of her in the pot! that's too funny! :)isn't it fun when they start reaching these milestones! the craziness just continues i promise! milo has been on the "fast track" to become as mobile as possible as soon as possible also! haha! :)he's already been taking his first steps lately and since i know what challenges the crawling has brought ~ not quite sure i'm ready for the walking! :)i envy the fact that you're done with your christmas shopping ~ i haven't even started. 😦 ugh……oh, btw ~ milo's first black eye was right at 6 months too 🙂 he went face first onto the wood floor. what's a mama going to do??have fun!! 🙂

21 10 2009
Living Life Happy

Great update, and love the pictures

22 10 2009

Oh my gracious, isn't she a one??? I iz ded of kyoot!!I'll be watching your travel adventures with interest… notes for the future. Tell me, does one get dinged with bringing the stroller as "extra baggage"?And thanks for checking in on me. We really must do coffee sometime. :)–A

22 10 2009

Man, I never thought I'd say this, but she's almost as cute as Evie. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are crazy these days! The time is going to fly by, you know, and you'll blink and she'll be walking around.

23 10 2009

She's too cute! And getting so big, I can't believe she's crawling! And it's nice to learn more about you! 🙂

24 10 2009

Wow….look at those eyes!! She is adorable and I am so happy for you! BTW…I started following your blog because everything you said felt exactly how I feel…everyone around me getting pregnant…but me! I just hope that my happy ending comes like yours has! 🙂 Worth the wait I'm sure!

24 10 2009

email me at tiggergirl91@yahoo.com I want to tell you what's new in private.

26 10 2009
Debbie B

Love the pictures! This is the first year in a long time that I'm not even started on Christmas shopping. We only do the kids and our parents. I think part of it is so that I don't keep buying like I usually do. 🙂

28 10 2009
mrs. r

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30 10 2009
Dave & Amy Gerhart

What a cutie! I love the photo of her in the pot!

3 11 2009
sarah @ life {sweet} life

Oh my GOSH!! So SO SO CUTE!! I LOVE it!! And congrats on the finalization approaching…so excited for you! 🙂

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