I can’t believe it’s over already…

27 12 2009

Does Christmas feel like it was only 5 minutes long for anyone else?  Boo!  There is always so much working up to it, and then it is gone in an instant, but this year it seemed to go by even faster.

We had a simply amazing Christmas with our family.  We spent Christmas Eve with Hubbs’ family, had our own little family time Christmas morning and then went to my grandma’s house for Christmas dinner.

So, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that my kid is totally spoiled.  The good news is, she doesn’t know it yet. 

She did so god with opening presents!!  Well, she surprisingly wasn’t that interested in actually opening them, but once they were open, she got super excited and gave each one ample attention (even the clothes) before being encouraged to move on to the next one. It does seem like we opened presents for two days, though.  She Got lots of stuff she “needed,” too.  Like a toothbrush and a place mat and a winter coat (i know we live in AZ, but grandma lives in Utah).  The biggest hit was an elmo puppet from great grandma!

I was surprised at how awesome Christmas was through the eyes of my child (ok, so no, I wasn’t surprised, but it was remarkable nonetheless).  I have never cared so little about my own gifts (and quite frankly would rather not receive) and lived so see the look on my little angels face when she opened her gifts!  She just had so much fun!!!  It was so cool watching her interact with her cousins on Christmas eve.  It was so awesome.

I literally had to go out today and buy a toy shelf to put this kids toys on!!  What can I say, she is well loved!  I went through and put away all her little tiny baby toys this morning, which made me sad.  While I was at it, I packed up several baby things that she is too big for and put them away for the next time we embark on the greatest journey on God’s green earth.

We did put several toys either away for a later date, or on a shelf to give away.  There were just too many.  I was really thankful that 90% of what she got is really educational stuff that I would have picked out.  I think for her birthday in three months I am going to ask people not to bring presents, or donate everything she gets.  We are only getting her a car seat… but it is a super awesome car seat, so I don’t feel bad!!

A few really neat things happened… 

Everyone on my side of the family watched the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption special on TV.  I didn’t even know about it, but they all tuned in teary-eyed.  I can 100% GUARANTEE  that none of them would have watched that a year ago.  I cannot even put into words how much that means to me. 

The other thing Hubbs pointed out.  The past 3-4 years my family has had a lot of relatively minor struggles.  Family feuds, depression, disagreements, misunderstandings… things that have led to us not being as close as we would like.    However, my family has become immeasurably close in the past…. oh, nine months.  Everyone is a little more emotional about being a family.  Everyone puts family first a little more often.  Everyone enjoys spending time together just  a little bit more.  Do you know what else happened nine months ago?  My precious little R.  I do think we owe it all to her.  I know part of it is just that she is a baby and I think babies tend to bring people closer.  Part of it also is the way she came to us, the way she was wanted so intensely and the way she came so suddenly.  Even more so, I think anyway, is just who she is.  My grandma said it best,  “She is just so captivating and charismatic.  She is just delightful to be around all the time. ”  And that right in the middle of busting her two top teeth through those swollen gums.

I love this darling little angel.  More than I thought humanly possible.




2 responses

2 01 2010

what a fabulous idea – donating money or clothes! my kids have waaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff too. you’ve got me thinking now 🙂

3 01 2010

So awesome that your family watched the DTF show together. I tried watching it with my mom, but it didn’t go so well. You have an amazing family.
We just talked about Isabel’s birthday last night and are thinking about asking people to just donate to Show Hope instead of bringing her gifts. She doesn’t need them.

Glad you had such a wonderful family filled first Christmas with R.

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