Little (BIG) updates

4 01 2010

-My baby took three steps yesterday.  I simultaneously was super excited and wanted to throw up.  This is going by way too fast.  I hope she stays in the “a few baby steps” stage for a long time.

-yesterday she ALSO said “bye-bye” while NOT performing aforementioned steps for the video camera.  At least we got the bye-bye on video.

-Yesterday she ALSO starting hiding her own face for peek-a-boo.  She has always been a big fan of the peek-a-boo, but now she is taking maters into her own hands (yes, yesterday was a BIG day in this house *sigh*).

-R now has 5 teeth.  #s 4 and 5 and I are not friends.  They are really mean.

-We spent the weekend at the cabin with some great friends.  We went with 6 adults and 4 infants under one that decided they were going to tag team naps. It was great anyhow.

-R really loves (and needs) her one on one time with mom and dad and after three days didn’t do so well with all the chaos.  She developed a very shrill scream to show her displeasure and it displeased us all.  I was scared it was a permanent phase (doesn’t make sense, I know), but after being home for an hour she was back to her happy-go-lucky self. 

– R went sledding for the first time.  She loved all 3 inches of it.  I am not joking.  She LOVED it. 

-Captain (the dog) did not like the sledding (watching, I didn’t make the dog sled).  It really stressed him to the till watching the kids slide down the hill screaming and he tried to run to save them.  He almost killed his six pound self multiple times and was so covered in snow I had to put him in my coat.  Turns out this dog has super stress farts that wafted up out of the collar of my coat for a good thirty minutes.  I am such a good dog-mom to let him stay in there until he stopped shivering despite his nasty aroma.

-R continues to love to eat.  Any and all things.  I love making her baby food and am enjoying making her finger foods, too.  She really prefers to eat on her own now, but insists I watch closely.  tonight I made my first batch of homemade beans.  I helped myself to some… yummm…. I guess she isn’t the only one who loves to eat.

-We went for a nine month check up on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, NINE months!  Can you believe it?!?  I have a tall skinny baby that needs to take baby vitamin supplements because her iron is low (esp for a formula baby).  Hopefully at her one year it will be up to where it needs to be (did I just say ONE YEAR?).  Other than that she is doing fantastic, according to Dr. Fantastic.

-My kiddo has a mean streak.  She sometimes isn’t very nice to Dada and pushes him away and turns her head in the other direction.  Poor Dada!

-As I am typing this, I found a piece of mum-mum in my hair the size of a nickel.  Motherhood is GRAND!!!!




3 responses

6 01 2010

i lost you somehow and all of a sudden r is taking steps – crazy!
glad i was able to catch up, and read that you had a great (albeit 5 minute long) christmas.

6 01 2010

Steps! Crazy! Scary! I’m sorry? Congrats? What an amazing baby girl!

How much does she weigh? I wonder how similar she and C are – C is long and lean!

6 01 2010

Ummm, yeah! You’re telling me! She is still a ways away from toddling around freely, but she is one step (well, three actually) closer to it! She just went to the doc and is 17lbs and I can’t remember how tall but 75th percentile for height and I think 50th for weight.

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