Teething sucks

26 01 2010

I had to say it.  It had to be said.

It isn’t so much that I have to be up for two hours a night waiting for the Tylenol to kick in again and for my little girl to drift back to sleep.  It isn’t that I haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep at a time in the past two weeks. It isn’t that I have a really hard time fumbling with teething tablets and motrin syringes and orajel swabs and vibrating teethers without my contacts in. Although, none of that is any fun either.

What really sucks is listening to the whines of pain coming through the monitor from my little angel.  It sucks to have my little girl resting on my chest, moving her face back and forth across my shirt trying to rub away the gum pain.  It sucks to watch her bite THROUGH the zipper on her new jammies because her teeth hurt so bad.  It sucks when she bobs her face against my skin making stereotypical native noises that always end in her chomping down on my skin leaving cute, but painful teenytinyteethmarks.  And most of all, it sucks that I just can’t make it go away so she just go back to sleep like her body wants and needs her to do.

So, teething sucks.  In case you didn’t know.




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26 01 2010

yes, it does! These top teeth are killing all of us! No sleep…no sleep…no sleep.

26 01 2010

Poor girl, and poor mommy!!

Sweetpea recently cut her bottom two teeth (the first ones) and luckily seemed to experience relatively little pain. While we were lucky with those ones, I’m sure there will be tough times ahead.

26 01 2010

Totally agree. Mine is getting his incisors now and he chomped down on my arm so hard on Friday that it broke the skin. Ouch!

26 01 2010

My baby has two tiny little bottom teeth. No problems so far. Is it because the top ones are the ones that really hurt??? Oh, God, I hope not… 😦

26 01 2010

When your child is hurting, doesn’t it just make you want to cry too? I remember those days and I still feel horrible if my kids are not feeling well.

26 01 2010

Aw, my heart breaks for your poor little girl! And for you, from lack of sleep!

26 01 2010

ugh! i’m so sorry little R is having such a rough time. we have been there from time to time, but nothing compared to what you’re explaining. 😦 he only has 7 teeth though so maybe some are “harder” than others.
it sounds like you’re using the hyland teething tablets, but if not…that helped milo out a little bit. also sucking on a cold wet washcloth did wonders for him. 🙂
good luck! hope those teethers pop through SOON!

27 01 2010

Oh….. poor baby and poor you. What worked really well when our little one was teething was to get one of those baby mashers (you know the thing that is netting material that you can put fruit in and give it to your child without the choking hazard). What I did was put an ice cube in it and let her go to town. She loved it and the cold would numb her gums.

Good luck.

28 01 2010

Yuck, that does such! So interesting to me how every baby experiences and handles things differently. Teething with Charlie has mostly been a nuisance, not truly painful…at least as of yet. But he’s just getting started so I may very well be eating those words in another month! 🙂

Anyway, hope the teeth come on through soon and she feels better. It is just awful knowing your little one is in pain and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.



29 01 2010

It sucks! I’m sorry for both of you 😦

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