Life is Good

13 02 2010

Things are good.  Things are really good. 

I have a toddler.  She toddles.  It is really cool and it also makes me cry a little.  This has just gone way too fast and sometimes I feel it still isn’t real.  This is my daughter.  Forever.  How did I get so lucky?  Life is good.

I haven’t talked about our finances in a while (actually, I don’t think you are supposed to talk about that, but I’ve been accused of being an “over-sharer” more than once in my life).  After we get our tax return we will be virtually credit-card debt-free again!!  After the “great-job-debacle of 2009,” we are pretty proud of that.  Together, we made LESS than half of what we have made any year since before we got married.  Three months in 2010 and we will be right back to status quo. We are pretty proud.  I would say we are vowing to never use them again, but who am I kidding?  We never know what life will bring. I say, bring it on.  Even when it gets really stressful, there are always bright things ahead.  Life is good.

We are adjusting to life with Hubbs’ new job.  He likes it.  They like him.  What more can you ask for?  Soon, we will have our new schedules in place and I think it will work out perfectly.  Life is good.

While looking over his new company benefits last night we noticed the “adoption reimbursement” section.  Duh?  Why hadn’t we thought to look at that before?  The super awesome wonderful news for us is that, with our two companies’ reimbursement policies, our next adoption is…  drum roll please… FREE!  Yes, free.  Hip hip horray!  Well, nothing is ever free, we will have to pay and then reimbursed, but the total out of pocket will be nothing.   There are many disadvantages to working for Corporate America.  This is NOT one of them. Life is good.

Happy Saturday, Happy Valentines Day and Happy President’s Day.




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13 02 2010

We will also have a FREE adoption once we are reimbursed from the government and my husband’s job…now we need to get matched, pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed, lol!

13 02 2010

Dang, that is a GOOD deal! So happy yall are on track – most definitely something to be proud of!

13 02 2010

Happy everything to you too. 🙂

Life is good. I was thinking this morning running my errands that things have finally gone our way, starting before Boy’s arrival. It started last January when I sort of snapped out of my depressive funk…. I’ll post on that sometime, probably this weekend.

Parenthood rocks. While it doesn’t heal the old hurts, I will say that things are a hell of a lot better with a certain small man in our lives.

I want to work for the companies you two work for… help! 🙂

13 02 2010
Dave Gerhart

That’s great news! We’re in the same boat with the jobs situation and the income being half of what it used to be, but we’ve found creative ways to cut back and so far we’re doing OK. I’m really excited about the tax refund and the employer reimbursement. God has a way of working that stuff out . . . [grin]

14 02 2010

AWESOME about the adoption assistance! Michael also has one but only up to $5,000. Still…that’s a hefty chunk of change when you’re trying to finance something so important. I think it’s GREAT that companies do this…and actually rather surprising. I guess they bank on more people not knowing about/accessing it than those who do! So just to be extra nosy, is there a cap on what your hubby’s company will contribute or do they finance any amount?

Congrats on getting out of debt again, and balancing your budget. I’d say that’s a HUGE accomplishment given your new status as parents AND the job loss!


15 02 2010

that’s wonderful news!! how much better could it get than “life is good”? 🙂 i have that sticker on the back of my car. 🙂
amazing to hear about your options for your next adoption. we are looking at that again also……since we have been out of work for over a year ~ things are a lot different this time around…… it’s so unfortunate that $$ have to be so much of an issue / obstacle sometimes…..
it’s great to hear that life is good ~ how could it not be with these sweet little angels in our life! 🙂

6 03 2010
Debbie B

Congratz on being almost cc debt free. We were almost there once…. Maybe someday we’ll be close again.

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