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14 04 2010

Things have just been beautifully chaotic lately.  I guess it always is with a one-year-old.  Twice in the past week I have gone to bed before nine pm.  Hubbs said he thinks he has mono… nope, just a toddler.  R is so much fun right now that by the time she goes to bed, we have to follow right after her.  She is talking up a storm (both babbly and coherently) and it just warms my heart.  She has suddenly decided that she has an opinion.  About everything.  And she wants everyone to know.  She has been so giggly and cuddly lately and we have been soaking up every second. 

We cleaned our garage this weekend.  Not just cleaned, but cleaned it out and organized it.  Hubbs kept whining and telling me to stop touching his stuff, but by the time we were done he kept saying that organization was his new thing.  He kept thanking me, but really I only helped (really he helped me) because I knew that if his stuff were organized, it would free up some space for my kitchen appliances (an addiction of mine.  You name it, I have it) to start spilling out into the garage.  I was right!  I wish I had gotten some before and after pictures.  It’s so pretty!

A few weeks ago R and I did the March Against Child Abuse at the zoo.  It was sponsored by the local children’s hospital.    It was about the best ideal anyone has every had to have a charity walk at the zoo. You get to support a good cause and have a nice trip to the zoo. It was a really awesome experience. Well, it would have been if R had cooperated.  She really wanted to be at the zoo, but it was her naptime so wasn’t easy going about it and she only wanted to be there on HER terms, which didn’t work well with the plans of the event, myself or the other volunteers.  So we had to leave early to get that morning nap in (when do kids let go of that morning nap?). Also, I put her in white capris to go to the zoo.  Who does that?  So, we also had to leave because white pants and the zoo don’t mix. Live and learn.

 I joined a food co-op.  It makes me feel really cool.  I feel like I’m in a secret society or something.  Also, the fruit is to die for.  I didn’t know what food was supposed to taste like before the co-op.  I tried to steam my own artichokes.  Not good.  Not for me.  Bleh! 

I am in a wedding next week.  I love weddings but I hate being in them. At all. Especially when you don’t think the bride and groom should be getting married.  Too bad Good thing it isn’t for me to say. I just ordered some shoes for the wedding.  I am not a fan of buying shoes.  I have big feet and they always look stupid on me.

We got a notice in the mail that a s.ex of.fen.der just moved into the neighborhood. It seemed he had a affliction for flashing.  Then his wife stopped by to set the record straight.  Apparently he and his first wife really liked to get down and dirty in the back of trucks… in broad daylight… multiple times.  I don’t really know how I feel about her coming around and justifying the whole thing to the neighborhood.  Part of me thinks it was  brave, part of me feels like it was an excuse session. Oh well, I guess I’m not too worried about it. If getting flashed is the worst thing that happens to me, I guess I am lucky. 

I got a new bike.  By new I mean not old, not a different one from the one I already had.  Because I haven’t owned a bike in like 20 years.  So I feel like today was Christmas.  I strapped on R’s bike trailer (yes, we had a bike trailer and no bike.  Talk about putting the cart before the horse.)  I have the morning off tomorrow and I cannot decide if I will spend it on my new bike or at the zoo. I think the zoo because I can ride the bike this weekend or in the early evenings but the window of opportunity for zoo visits in Phoenix is quickly closing… and Hubbs could actually go.  The zoo it is.  I just decided. 

I mentioned before that my sister is moving to Germany.  I hate that.  A lot.  It makes me really sad and really mad at the army.  I mean, don’t they even take into consideration that I want my kiddo to have her cousins around when they are strategically planning our country’s defense?  WTF?  Jerks.  My poor sis is going to have to move three times in a 14 month period, twice between countries (when her husband deploys next summer, she will be moving back here for a year.  I can’t find it in my heart to celebrate that she will be close for a year).  Oh yeah, with one-year-old twins.

My grandma drunk dialed me last night from a hookah bar in Florida.  What a riot.  I can’t wait to play her back the message she left me.  I love my granny!




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15 04 2010

I have to ask…what is a food so-op??? I have never heard of such a thing!

16 04 2010

It should be a food co-op. It is basically a large group of people that join together to buy produce at cheaper prices from local growers. I pay about $15 each time (weekly) and I get six different fruits and six diff veggies (a three pound bag of apples would be one fruit). It is fun and unique and cheap. The only downfall is that you get what you get, which also can be a positive, depending on how you look at it. It helps me with my creativity in the kitchen and it is SOOOO delicious!

17 04 2010

Funny post! I love random thought posts. R sounds like she’s a hoot. Must be exhausting but sounds like you two are really loving parenthood too. Good for you for cleaning out the garage…my hubbs really needs to do that, but he also needs a bulldozer and a Dumpster to do the job right. It definitely sounds cool to be able to say you belong to a food co-op. There’s one not too far from us, but we don’t belong. We just shop there occasionally and I always feel like an intruder/loser when she asks if we have a co-op card. Sorry about your sister moving so far away. My sister talks about moving back to NYC, which is only 2 hours away, but it would still suck. Your granny sounds awesome!

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