26 04 2010

On Saturday, Hubbs and I are going to speak to potential adoptive parents at our agency.  We are both very excited to share our story and what we have learned and how we have grown throughout this process.

I have my own advice in mind, but what one piece of advice would you offer up to potential adoptive families?

Thanks in advance for your input!!




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26 04 2010

To remember God in your wait. We waivered… and lost sight… and then in the end, realized His plan and it all made sense. It’s so hard to remember that He IS with you, even during the hard times.

26 04 2010

YAY, we get to do the same thing this week…on Friday! This is a great idea for a post and I’ll be checking back to see what responses you get. I’d also love to hear your own thoughts regarding what you intend to talk about.

I’m primarily going to focus on how I felt during the wait. I want to convey the message (without being annoying and cliche about it) that they really need to hold on to the hope that the right child is out there for them and that the time will come even when it seems like that will never happen.

It’s so interesting/strange/wonderful/surreal to be on the other side of the table now, don’t you think? I don’t want to be that adoptive mom that makes it all sound so easy now that I have my baby. I want to tell them that I haven’t forgotten how hard it was to wait for Charlie but that I truly do believe we are better parents now, for having gone through the process and the pain of waiting for him. There were a couple of adoptive parents that came to our class who truly left me with a feeling of hope and optimism that our time really would come too, and I want to return that favor.

Good luck on Saturday!


27 04 2010

how funny that you and melba are doing this at the same time! 🙂 i just left a oomment on hers about the picnic that we attended this past weekend for adoptive families. (those who have adopted and those waiting). Since we all had name tags and the type of adoption we did, we were singled out by several people to share our story with them. There were lots of questions, but mainly they just wanted to hear our success story and how happy we are. One specific question that stood out was if I loved my son as much as I thought I would love an biological child. Of course my answer was that I couldn’t imagine loving an child more than I love him. He’s my dream come true. 🙂
Good luck and have fun!!! 🙂

28 04 2010

That sounds like fun! Was it through RESOLVE or some other organization? I didn’t know AZ had that type of thing!

28 04 2010

hey bri ~ it was through building arizona families. they have done both of our homestudies. 🙂 it was fun ~ but super HOT!

30 04 2010
Dave Gerhart

Ooooo…fun! We love to do these! I try to emphasize the financial aid aspect for people that feel like there’s no way they can afford it. I stress that they shouldn’t let money stope them from considering adoption.

People always have questions about openness, birthparent contact, and termination proceedings. But whatever you can do to show them that God is in control throughout the process will ease their anxiety!

30 04 2010
Dave Gerhart


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