you know you had a good weekend when…

3 05 2010

…you took two naps.

…your husband cried while talking to a room full of people about how much he loves your daughter.

…your shirt gets a little digested by a goat at the zoo.

…you find a non-recalled version of the crib you love so much.

…your baby says, “ishhhhh” at the aquarium over and over again.

…the director of your adoption agency cries when you tell your story, tells the entire group that you were the best presenters they’ve ever had, and asks you if you will come back – both to adopt and to speak – again.

…you find a two-for-one coupon to the zoo in your egg carton the day before you go to the wildlife zoo.

… you say, “say mama” and your baby says, “maaamaaa” and then claps ferociously. 

…your dad tells you that watching you interact with your daughter if one of the greatest sights he has ever seen.

…when you force your baby to pet the baby llama, she clings to you and cries and you only feel a little bad because you have never seen her be scared before and it is awfully cute that it was the little tiny llama that made her scared and not the giant everything-eating goats.

…when you ride your bike 2 miles to the co-op and get SOOOO many delicious fruits and veggies this week that you have to stop and rest 4 or 5 times on the way back because it is toooo heavy!

…you are late meeting your parents at the zoo because your baby-alarm-clock slept in!

…you are actually in a good mood on Monday morning due to the extra naps, trip to the zoo, delicious meals, fun family time, and therapeutic story telling.




6 responses

4 05 2010

Sounds like an awesome weekend to me too!

4 05 2010
Baby wanted

AWWWW! Sounds like you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!

4 05 2010

Thanks for sharing all that awesome stuff from your weekend.

5 05 2010

GREAT weekend! Love it all!

5 05 2010

Ha, I LOVE this post! So glad you had a great weekend…there should definitely be more of those in life!!


11 05 2010

all mama’s deserve standing ovations – way to recognize, r!

i love this post – it’s the little things, that aren’t even things, that matter the most.

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