Happy Mother’s Day

11 05 2010

I threw up.  All. Day. Long. 

I haven’t been sick in over 10 years.  Not kidding. I can take a cold.  A sinus infection.  Kidney infection after kidney infection.  I can take that.  I hate to throw up.  HATE IT.  I will (and do) will myself not to throw up at every chance I get, hence it has been 10 years since I have been this kind of sick. So, needless to say, I was SICK on Mother’s Day… and I was not happy about it.  I wasn’t mad that I was sick on Mother’s Day, I was mad that I was sick.  Period.

I tend to cry when I throw up (well, I learned that on Sunday  since the last time I did before that I was in high school). 

*Bleh* “I hate this!  I hate to throw up.” *Bleh Bleh*  “This isn’t fair.  Nobody should ever have to feel this way”  *Bleh* “I can’t do it.  I am gonna die if I throw up one more time…” *Bleh Bleh Bleh Bleh*

Well, I didn’t die.  Imagine that.  Hubbs kept saying, “I’m so sorry your Mother’s Day is so awful.”  And I kept saying, “It’s still the second best Mother’s Day EVER!”(*Bleh Bleh Bleh*)  Funny how the mention of MD was the only time I didn’t feel sorry for myself all day! 🙂

I am a little embarrassed to say that I caught this bug from sweet baby R, who threw up once and hardly flinched.  I thought for sure she had just had too much milk when the rest of the kids at the sitter were sick, then I got sick too.  Why is my 13 month-old so much tougher than me? 

We stayed home together on Monday and she was my little angel.  She sat by me on the couch and watched TV all day (yes, I let my one year old watch TV ALL day.  She enjoyed every second and I survived… which is a successful sick day in my book.).  She ate like a champ, didn’t whine or cry all day, let me dress her and change her without even the slightest complaint.  It was like she knew to be extra sweet to me because I was feeling like a ginormous pile of doo-doo.




6 responses

11 05 2010

I am sorry that you were sick. It’s so gross to throw up. Sometimes, kids like to share with their Mommies and Daddies. Hope your better now.

11 05 2010

awww, Good Girl R! 😀

I’m glad you’re feeling better! I let Jack watch a whole episode of Sesame Street this morning while I showered, He bounced in his bouncer and had a blast! And I got to shave my legs on a week day!

11 05 2010

ugh…i’m so sorry! 😦 i’m kind of opposite ~ i HATE “feeling” sick and will do anything to make myself throw up so that that feeling will go away….. 😦 usually it doesn’t work, but……. being sick just sucks plain and simple. i’m glad little R knew her mama needed a quiet day ~ not sure milo would do the same. 😉
Glad you’re feeling better!

11 05 2010

aww…I hope you are feeling better…and I am glad it was still your second best mother’s day…ever! : )

12 05 2010

I had what I thought was a killer flu on my first mother’s day. Just awful! Big hugs to you!!!

14 05 2010

Oh man Bri..that SUCKS! Does not sound fun at all. I’m glad you’re feeling better, I can’t believe your mother’s day was spent that way. Your description of the sick day is rather sweet, even though it stinks that you were so sick.


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