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28 05 2010

Today I found a hairstyle for R that keeps her hair out of her face and she doesn’t yank out after five minutes.  I am unacceptably excited about this.  I’m not kidding.  I can’t stop thinking about this hairstyle and all the freedom it is going to give me.  I won’t have to keep saying  ”don’t touch” when she tries to pull out her barrette 40 thousand times a day.  I won’t have to delete anymore photos because her shaggy hair in her face makes her looks homeless.  It really is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in weeks.  What a great way to kick off the weekend.  Sometime really soon, I need to video tape this kid watching Yo Gabba Gabba. She ridiculously loves this show.  We watch it on demand in the mornings while we get dressed and do our hair.  When it first comes on, she literally runs around the room FREAKING out, clapping, dancing and screaming!  It is a riot.  Then, she will watch the whole episode with her mouth hanging open, completely unresponsive to anything else.  Unless of course we stand in front of her, when she will grunt at you with displeasure and tilt her body to the side to look around you.  Funny kid.  Don’t worry, we ration out the TV in healthy doses.  I never thought she would like anything more than Sesame Street, but YGG is her new love for sure.  We got tickets to go see YGG live later this year.  I can’t believe I spent that money to go hear songs like “you can’t always get what you want” and “try it, you’ll like it.”  I can’t tell you how often I get those lyrics stuck in my head at work… “new friends put a smile on my face…. I’m so very happy that you’re visiting my place.”  Yeah, I love Jack Black.  If you haven’t watched YGG with your toddler, do it.  Wait, actually I wouldn’t even go there.

Lately I have spent an incredible amount of time reading forums and comments on news articles.  People BLOW M E AWAY! I will never understand why sitting behind a computer allows people to express such anger and ignorance!  My goodness!!  Although, often times I get a good laugh.  My favorite is my local newspaper’s website.  These people are a hoot!  Even the ones I agree with still have such a hard time expressing themselves both intelligently and correctly.  I need to spend less time on the computer

I want to be a SAHM.  Before #2, I am going to be PT or no time.  We are just now starting to get the itch for #2.  Has anyone out there considered watching a few other kids to supplement some income? Does anyone have any advice on this?  The thing that is holding me back is that whoever watches MY kids, I want them to WANT to be watching kids.  I can’t decide if I WANT to watch kids or if that is just the only way I will be able to stay at home.  The good thing is I wouldn’t have any trouble rounding up a few kiddos to hang out with all day.  I do know that I have no intention of being FT with two kiddos.  At least not at this job.

Last weekend we took R to the lake for the first time.  I was really nervous about how she was going to do.  She did SOOO great!  We had so much fun and even though there were a few fits when we had to sit down and move the boat, Hubbs was super excited that she seems to share his love affair with water.  She was so cute and even fell asleep at the end there (she hasn’t fallen asleep outside of her crib in MONTHS!).  The next day we went swimming in a pool for the first time this summer.  She loved that just as much and since it was warm enough for ME to get in too (the lake was way to cold for my taste), I had a blast with her.  Poor kiddo gets cold really easily and her little legs quiver in the cold, even in rather warm water.  She doesn’t seem to mind, though!  We had a blast!

We are laying low for the holiday weekend. We try to get all of our fun times in on non-holiday weekends to avoid the crazies! We have some friends coming into town to stay with us and we have a pool party to go to on Sunday.  We are going to try to hit up some splash parks and get all of our furniture nailed to the walls because little girl is quickly becoming a climber!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  Don’t forget to remember our troops and veterans.




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28 05 2010

I watch 2 little girls 1 morning a week. It’s perfect Jack loves them and we’re a weekly novelty for them. It’ll be easier when he’s more mobile.

28 05 2010

I LOVE your comments about R’s hair, that is too funny! Anymore it seems like it’s all I can do to get myself decently dressed and bathed when we go out, and then there’s C., almost always decked out in all manner of cuteness. Ahhhh, being the mama is so fun sometimes ! 😉

I hope you have a great weekend too…ours will be jam packed with all the stuff we DON’T do during the non-holiday times, but it will be fun too.

As for the child care. I think it’s a good idea but I do think you need to want to be with those other kiddos too, at least on some level. As you undoubtedly know, child care is NOT an easy job. You can make decent supplemental money and have the best of both worlds but you’re going to be running around a lot…and cleaning up a lot. The most I ever did was four at one time and that wasn’t full time. Granted, they all went home at the end of the day but whew…it was a JOB! Having said that, it was a job I LOVED. I never would have told the parents at the time, but I would have done it for FREE! But that’s my personality. I love kids and would just about pay someone to let me spend time with their kids…especially back then, before I had my own. From what I know of you, I’d say we are a lot alike in this area. I think this could be a very viable option for you but I do think it’s one that deserves careful consideration and introspection on your part. If you’re going to resent the other kids at all, for taking your time & attention away from R (which they inevitably will) then it’s not a good plan. But…I don’t really see that being the case, I just think you need to go into it with your eyes open. I have briefly considered this over the past year, but ultimately decided I needed my 1:1 time with my baby more than the extra money. If you have any other specific questions, I’d be happy to chat with you about this…good luck figuring it all out!


29 05 2010

haha! that’s funny about the haircut! milo got his first one and since he was wriggling around the whole time he still looks like a little oompa loompa! 🙂
and about ygg!! yesterday i had “don’t bite your friends” in my head ALL DAY LONG!! i laughed out loud at this part of your post! can’t wait to see a video of little r watching her favorite show! 🙂
there is no way i could take milo to the lake yet ~ he is absolutely fearless and i would be a complete wreck the whole time! can’t wait for the day when he finds that he’s not completely invincible ~ if it ever comes! 🙂 sounds like you guys have had some wonderful days ~ good idea to lay low over the holiday. i think we’re doing the same.

oh ~ i have thought about watching kiddos to help supplement income…but just not sure i’m cut out for the job. 😉 i applaud anyone who can do this and actually enjoys it! haha! 🙂

30 05 2010

Bri… I can’t wait to see R’s new hair cut! It sounds soooo cute! I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you… my time is pretty limited and typing with one hand does not always allow me to express what I want to say! You understand, I am sure!!!!! 🙂 Thank you for all of your support! I will be sending questions your way real soon! It is so much fun to raise girls! Much love…. Julie

30 05 2010

hey Bri! It’s so funny you commented on my blog because I had found yours recently and it was my intention to hunt you down and find out WHERE you live in AZ and all about your adoption with a similar (the same?) agency:)! How weird! That said, please email me (I think you can get to it in my profile, right?) if/when you get a chance because I’d love to hear all about how your daughter came to you. I think you have photos, too, that are password protected right? If so, I’d love to have the honor of seeing those:). Thanks so much again for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment:).


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