“Bye, Seeeesteeee”

6 07 2010

Mid last week R added something new to the end of her already oh-so-cute farewell. She says it EVERY time she says goodbye (which she says every time she kisses anyone-including the dogs or when anyone is walking in a direction not directly towards her) with her elbow bent and her little hand waving side-to-side alongside her ear. “Bye, Seeeesteeee”

We couldn’t figure out what she was saying. It sounded like “sissy” but nobody ever says that.

Hubbs was leaving to go to the store this weekend and says, “Bye, Sweetie.” And she says, “Bye, Seeeestee!” I about died! How freaking cute it is that my 15 month old has been calling everyone and their dog (literally) sweetie! Too cute! Melt my heart!




8 responses

6 07 2010
Dave Gerhart

love it! Annie is at the stage of saying “Hi” to everyone and evrything…and blowing kisses…too cute.

6 07 2010

Too cute!!

7 07 2010

That is so cute! She is a sweetie!

7 07 2010

Awwwwwwwww, this makes me want to laugh and cry all at once…SO adorable. We need a video, pronto!


7 07 2010

I’m trying! She shuts down when the camera comes on!!

7 07 2010

So darn cute!!! I agree with Melba, where’s the video:)?

8 07 2010

this? is the cutest! love it …

8 07 2010

awwwww…..such a sweetie little girl ~ same feelings as melba ~ laugh and cry both!! they just grow up soooo fast!!

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