What a day

7 07 2010

It is never fun to read the words “mandatory meeting at noon” in the subject line of your email.  Then, in the email it states that if you are out of the office, you are required to go INTO the office for the conference call meeting or at very least, call into the conference call, even if you are in bermuda.  Oh, and the entire division of your company (all 6k people accross the country) is on said conference call.  Nope.  Never fun.

So, as expected and anticipated for over 4 hours this morning, my company announced serious layoffs.  To the tune of about 3800 people.  Am I one of them?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Probably.  Maybe not.  Who knows? My boss doesn’t know if he has a job, much less if I do.  His boss just got back from vacation and HIS boss, just left for vacation and attended the conference call from Mission Beach.  Hmmm…

Right after the conference call my sitter calls and tells me R has a fever… again.  She was soooo sick over the long weekend and woke with matted eyes and yucky snotty nose and wicked attitude every morning.  I enjoyed the cuddle time, but I am ready for her to be back to her old self.  I had to leave the drama at work to get her diagnosed with matching ear infections.  Did I mention I haven’t slept in 6 nights?  Oh well.

So, I may get laid off tomorrow.  I may not.  I may not even know after tomorrow. Funny thing is, my brain has been going a mile a minute planning for the worst and I like the plan.  What do you do if you like Plan B better than Plan A?  I wonder how it would go over if I volunteered to be laid off.  I’m getting kinda attached to Plan B. 

I’d request your prayers, but I am not really sure what I want you to pray for…




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8 07 2010

i think that when you’re ‘worse case scenario’ is not all that bad, or kinda sounding better to you – then life is good!

i get the whole scary no income thing, though (believe me, i do!) …

8 07 2010

Oh man, that does not sound fun! I’m so sorry about the bad news at work. With layoffs like that, even if it doesn’t happen to you directly, it will affect people you know well. That totally sucks!

Having said that, I’m guessing plan B involves more time with your little girl. I can see why you don’t know what to pray for! Still, I will be keeping you in my thoughts and sending good vibes that the RIGHT circumstances happen. 🙂

So sorry about the sickies too, I hate it when my baby is sick! C and I both have colds right now too and I feel a little jipped. I thought summer was supposed to be cold-free!



8 07 2010

thinking of you all! as you know we are all too familiar with layoffs ~ it is not fun in the least! i will pray for the “right” things to happen ~ how about that! 🙂 hang in there!! so sorry about little R 😦 that doesn’t sound like fun AT ALL!!!!
let us know what tomorrow brings…….

8 07 2010

Hmmmm….if your Plan B sounds that great, I’d say life is giving you an opportunity to see how things COULD be for you, if you made a different choice. Gifts can sometimes be wrapped up in icky situations.

So sorry little R is so sick:(. I hope she feels better soon!

9 07 2010

Wow! I hope it all works out for the best. More time with the little girl is good but not if your broke! 😦

11 07 2010
Dave Gerhart

We’re in a weird transition period, too. Never really thought I’d be a stay-at-home Dad, but the economy forced our hand when my hours were cut back to zero. It’s turned out to be a really good thing! Challenging, but rewarding for both of us. We’ll pray that whatever happens, you’ll find your niche.

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