Word Spurt

24 08 2010

This kid is talking so well.  SO WELL.  I get a huge kick out of every new word!  Heck, I get a huge kick out of everything she does!

Mama, Dada, Cappy, Pixie, Gramma, Grampa, Nana, Brobee, Elmo, Abby, Marlie, Logan, Tucker, Hailey, Cody, Bri (yes, my first name- the stinker!), shoes, eye, up, down, ready, set, go, weeeee, uh-oh, no, nuh-uh, hi, bye, got it, stop it, puppy, tickle-tickle, thank you, ball, soft, sweetie, birdie, baby, frog, duck, whoa, okay, all gone, all done, step, night-night… just to name a few.

Last night she points to my un-lotioned elbow wrinkle and says, “Whats that?”  So we learned about elbows and knees and can say and point to both!

She seems to be really focusing on peoples’ names.  We were at a BBQ this weekend with some friends and their kids.  Tucker and Hailey are her age and she kept calling them and looking for them.  “Cuuuucker?  Cuuuuucker?  Where Cucker go?”  soooo cute listening to her communicate!  She busted out Elmo without anyone even prompting her.  She saw a picture of him and says “Ewmo!” and then sings it and says it in the most affectionate way ever.  Same thing happened when she got a hand-me-down dancing Brobee doll. 

Seeing her language develop before my very eyes is so exciting and some of the most fun I have ever had in my life. Every day she is busting out with three or four new words. It is so much fun to sit down with new stuff and try to teach her new words for things because we make progress every time.  It is awesome!

However, she also does stuff like call me by my first name and yell at me to “stop it” when I am telling her to stop hitting the dog.  We are currently working on saying and using “sorry” and “please.”  Sorry first, for the aforementioned hitting.  And the throwing things is getting a little out of hand as well!  Ahhhh…  I still love it!  The tantrums seem to be at a minimum (if you don’t count the incessant picking up the nearest object and chucking it across the room as a tantrum), which I am really thankful for!

Sometimes I am fearful that I love her so much, I might unintentionally squeeze her guts out.




3 responses

24 08 2010

I was thinking the same thing about squeezing K’s guts out a couple days ago…and she can’t talk yet!:) Can’t wait to hear all she has to say…so cute!

24 08 2010

Man, I wish we lived closer – we share brains AND babies!! Isn’t it incredible?!?! Sounds like she is just doing AMAZING. Must be because she has such an AMAZING mom 🙂

24 08 2010

Aww, such a sweet post. I love hearing Isabel use new words and phrases. She’s really getting her sentences now. She’ll tell me to; chill out, stop it, move, etc as well. It’s not so fun hearing her say the same things I say to her as correction but she’ll learn respect.
She used my name awhile ago but it never stuck then Sunday we went out to lunch and I gave them my name and she started repeating it all clever. Stinker!

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