A day in the life

20 10 2010

I came home from work last night.

I went to the bathroom before putting kiddo’s jammies on.

There was a trail of greenbean infused poopy leading to the bathroom increasing in size the closer I got to the bathroom.

I yelled downstairs for my sister to come pick it up (it was her kiddo’s poopy, not mine).

By the time she got there, the dog had helped himself to a nighttime snack and cleaned the majority of it up for her. Yummm…

Meanwhile, my 18 month old took of her diaper and went potty on her little potty, all on her own accord.  She said, “I peepee!”  when I finally found my way into the bathroom. 

I got excited.

She got excited.

She got off the potty and promptly smacked her head on the floor covered in said peepee.

I guess she only kinda went peepee on the potty.  Most was on the floor, but some was in the potty.  That still counts, right?

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…




4 responses

20 10 2010

I say laugh at it. Things like that are going to happen. I remember when my youngest son was about 2 or so and I put the dog in the crate and ran to go pee and I came back to find my son had dumped a cold bowl of leftover chicken noodle soon in her cage. When I found him he was signing “Dog Eat” It was too funny. I remember my husband coming home and asking who ate all the soup and all I could do was laugh.

22 10 2010

oh my goodness!!! i wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh either!! 😉 that sounds exactly how my days have been…..if i don’t put pants or shorts on milo ~ the diaper is off within seconds and more often than not i’m cleaning poop off the floor. 😦

great job for little R going potty in the little girl potty!! that’s awesome!! 🙂 we’ve been contemplating getting one for milo…..not sure i’m ready for that yet! 😉

hope you guys are having fun amongst all the chaos! 🙂

25 10 2010

I’m not ready either. She got it for her birthday and we just kinda talk about it. She hasn’t ever even sat on it without her clothes on before she just up and decided to fully understand its intent. I am fully prepared for her to completely reject the whole idea once I actually want her to use it. 🙂

30 10 2010

Yay, that’s a big step to figure out what the potty is for! Evie slipped on her own pee once, too, but it was because she had run away from a diaper change, so I laughed a little more than you might about R 🙂

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