Our Nighttime routine

27 01 2011

I love our nighttime routine.  It is always my favorite part of the day!

We start with a bath.  Sometimes it is difficult to get R excited for her bath… so she got bath fizzies that turn her bath different colors.  She LOVES them.  I love that she gets excited to pick her colors, even though sometimes, after we already have a red bath she wants to have a yellow bath she has a meltdown… most of the time the fizzies are a bonus!

After the bath we play “pillows.”  This is a game that my itty bitty toddler has made up and named all on her own and I absolutely LOVE it.  “Pillows” is basically just playing on Mommy and Daddy’s bed and mostly consist of getting under the covers and laying on pillows, pretending you are sleeping and then sitting up screaming because, obviously, we are not sleeping.  Oh the joys.  Also, pillows is always played na.ked for the toddler.  It doesn’t carry the same joy after jammies are on.

Next, we get our put on lotion and get our jammies on.  Lotion is fun.  Jammies are not… most of the time.  Sometimes we bribe with a few minutes of YGG while we put on our jammies. 

Then, it is time for books.  We go into her bedroom where she picks out her book and we rock and read the book.  We read anywhere from 2-5 books, depending on how much energy mama has and how long the books are.  Her current favorites are Hungry Pig (“Piggy”), Is Your Mama a Lama (Mama book), The Barnyard Dance (“clap your hands”) and I Love you Stinky Face (“stinkeeee”).  Then, we have a small discussion (argument) about how book time is over and it is night-night time.  We rock for a few minutes and I sing a song she requests (usually The Little Drummer Boy or the song I made up for her) and then she whispers “mama, isss nigh-nigh time, ”  I lay her down in bed, she requests, “bankey ON” and I slip out of the room.  95% of the time she goes to sleep without a peep.  Sometimes there are a few tears, however.

Two nights a week I work past her bedtime.  Those nights, either grandma or daddy put her down.  100% of the time she will wake up between 11pm and 1am crying for me.  Sometimes, like this past Tuesday, she will wake at 11pm for me, then she will refuse to go back to sleep until 2am.  Starting next week, those two nights a week she will go to bed 45 minutes late and I will put her down so she doesn’t wake in the middle of the night.




4 responses

27 01 2011

Love your bedtime routine! I think it’s cute she wakes up when Mommy doesn’t put her to bed. Daddy and Grandparents must not know how to play pillows. 🙂

27 01 2011

Oh, that sounds so nice! Nighttime routine is not so nice in our house with a 5 month old – lots of crying and fighting sleep. I hope he gets better as he gets older, because this sounds very nice and more of what I imagined it to be:). It’s so sweet that your little girl needs you to do it for her in order to sleep well – what a special mommy you are.

27 01 2011

Well as tough as it must be, I think it’s sweet that she wakes up for you on the nights you don’t put her to bed! This sounds like an awesome routine, you painted a very vivid picture with your words, I can just picture her picking out her bath colors and playing in your room!

Aren’t they just wonderfully amazing, these little people? At such young ages they already know and understand so much. I love it!


27 01 2011

Night time for us is fun too! Who’d have thought that would be so fun!!

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