An update on my baby

1 03 2011

I can’t believe that in less than a month I will the Mom of a two-year old.  Sometimes it is still so surreal.  Time is just flying by and I need to pause a moment to remember some of this stuff.  I wish I could bottle up this little girl and remember every little bit of her right now.  She is so much fun, so funny and entertaining and difficult!  I love almost every second of her.  So, I guess blogging will have to do for remembering her (and the countless videos and photos).

She is talking up a storm.  She doesn’t babble anymore, it is almost always actual words (mostly full sentences) and about 85% of the time I can understand her little dialect. She adds “ies” to the end of all of her words.  “Noodlooooos” “Huggies” “Coldies” “warmies.”  She can’t say “F”s, so they come out as “s.”  She says, “Sace,” “Cossee,” “Sruit,” and “Sunneeee.” (face, coffee, fruit and funny). She has said “damn it” and “oh shit.”  I wish I could blame daddy…  Whenever I sneeze she says, “G’Bless you, Mama,” then chases me around saying it until I politely thank her for her blessing.  I LOVE it. She is really into the possessiveness of things (Mama’s car, R.’s drink, Captain’s food) and learning people’s names.  I love to ask her peoples’ names;  “whats his name?”  “hmmmm…. Name Dada.” I love it when she says things like “Comin Mama?”  and “Hurry Dada!”

We are working on our emotions; what they are, what they mean and eventually how to control them.  She can make most of her emotions on her face on command.  Whining drives me bonkers, so we are working on avoiding that…  at first, “ask nicely,” worked really well.  Now, I just get a whiney “Peeeeease!” So now, I request that she ask nicely with a happy face on…  and there is nothing funnier than watching an almost two-year old try to plant a smile on her face mid temper tantrum.  But, I think she is getting it.

She can name all her colors, can count to 10 with help (she really likes to go back to one after three, so we need help getting to four and then she can go all the way) and knows most of her shapes (circle, square, oval, star, heart, crescent, octagon, rectangle, triangle, diamond).

She is such a lover.  She loves to huggie and kissie and cuddlie.  She loves her mama more than anything.  We will be playing and just suddenly grab me and plant one on me or give me a giant squeeze.  My favorite thing of all time is when Daddy and I and hanging out and she says “BOTH huggie,” and wants to hug us both at the same time.

She loves her books like crazy mad.  She loves shoes.  She loves to play dress up.  She loves to cook in her kitchen and play with her baby.  She loves to color, especially with window and bath markers.  She loves to play with playdoh.  She loves Elmo and Dora and Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.  And most recently she has discovered Tinkerbell.  Can you say obsessed?

My biggest parenting fail is probably that I let her watch too much TV.  I swore I would never use the TV as a babysitter, but I do.  We have family movie nights on Fridays, but I don’t mind that because we are spending time as a family.  She usually watches TV in the mornings for about 30 minutes while we get ready for work.  When I make dinner at night, she usually plays with playdoh or colors, but sometimes we have to resort to the TV.   And she watches it in the car, but I don’t care about that because it keeps her happy rear facing and I’d rather her be safe and have TV brain.  Plus, daycare is within walking distance, so we don’t even drive a full mile for pick up/drop off the entire week combined.

She loves blueberries and (oddly) broccoli and yogurt and fruit snacks (boo) and noodloos and raisins and any kind of candy she can get her lips on.  She loves juice, no matter how much I hate giving it to her, but I can usually distract her with some delicious ice water.  We don’t keep it in the house much, but we do use it when she is sick to encourage her to stay hydrated and when we travel.  She finally ate Pizza (I realize the fact that I celebrated this makes me nuts) but still won’t try mashed potatoes or potatoes of any kind.  She likes beans and cheese and tomatoes…she loves tomatoes.  She likes chicken and any other meat that can be passed of as chicken, but calls beef “uuuukeee chocate.” (yucky chocolate).

I have strong-willed child.  STRONG-WILLED.  I am trying really hard to let her think many things are her idea, but she is already smarter than I am, so she is giving me a run for my money.  We have been successfully using time outs for several months now.  We currently use time outs when we want her to do something that she doesn’t want to do and tells us with a giant tantrum (get in the car seat, high chair, put jammies on, etc.).  If she throws a tantrum because she wants something we don’t want her to have (typically fruit snacks.  I hate fruit snacks.  I should stop buying them, but they work GREAT during weddings, in the grocery store, etc when I need her to be happy), we just try to ignore the fit (not her, the fit) where she typically just moves closer and closer to us and screams louder and louder.  I feel like the methods of discipline we have used this far have been very successful, although I do wonder if she is just outgrowing phases and I am just kidding myself.

She is going potty on the potty pretty regularly.  Not because we are potty training but because she has decided to go ahead without us. She really likes to be na.ked and if she is na.ked, she will go on her own pretty consistently (both #1 and #2).   I’m still sticking my head in the sand until after her second birthday.  For some reason, I feel that she needs to be in a toddler bed before being potty trained and I am in no way giving up that glorious blessing right now… although I know that is still somewhat of an excuse.

She still sleeps really well when we are at home.  She goes down without an issue (except some naps) and sleeps 10-11 hours a night.  I admit, almost every night I still worry if she is ok in there, especially on the days when she sleeps closer to 11 hours. She takes 1 nap a day at the sitter during the week, but when we are home on the weekends she typically takes two.  We would like her to be down to one nap on the weekends, too, but it really seems like she needs an extra one with all the stuff we typically do on the weekends.  I love that she goes to bed happy the majority of the time.  LOVE it!  When we are away from home, sleep is a mess.  A giant mess. So, we like to stay home because everyone is happier when we sleep well.

All in all, life is good.  I feel blessed every day to be her mother.  I feel like we really hit the jackpot with this kiddo and she is her Mama’s miracle and her Daddy’s angel.




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2 03 2011

She sounds like an AMAZING little girl – do you remember those first days with her? Wondering who she would be, how she would grow? Now look at her:)! Toddlers are SO fun!

2 03 2011

I love it! I felt a lump in my throat when I read this from you: “My favorite thing of all time is when Daddy and I and hanging out and she says “BOTH huggie,” and wants to hug us both at the same time.” That is beautiful and something I think all of us imagined during those times when we were still waiting for our little miracles to enter our lives. SO SWEET!

I also love your thoughts about the discipline. I was just thinking the other day that I must be doing a good job because C. is having less and less melt-downs these days. Realistically though, I think he is just getting better control of his emotions and reactions to those emotions because he’s getting older. *sigh* I guess we can still think we’re doing a good job though.

As for the TV thing…I am SO eating my words on that too right now. I stuck to my guns and did really well until he was about 18 months old, which is when I was in the thick of student teaching. I know it’s also just a lame excuse but I gave in around that time simply because I just needed a minute and that’s one sure way to get one. 😦 I’m hoping that the arrival of springtime around our house will help to curb how much he is watching.

LOVE our little babies who are growing up WAY too fast sooooo much!! Very hard to believe they are almost two already!!


2 03 2011

Love the update!

Oh, the blasted TV! We keep it off for the most part and poor F cries for it. Pathetic! (And slightly embarrassing.) I’ve been considering leaving it on more to stop the longing … who knows.

Two naps?! That sounds so lovely!

3 03 2011

I can’t believe that she is almost two years of age. I been reading your blog since before R was born and brought home. It looks like she is doing well.

5 03 2011
Jamie Feigner

such a little sweetie pie and such a SMART little cookie! 🙂 i have relied on tv too much too and lately have just been turning it OFF! yay for a little peace and quiet! 🙂

i love all the ways you expressed her little personality and all the ways she has blessed your life….these little kiddos of ours are truly amazing and and i love what Faith (above) mentioned about wondering who they will be as we gazed dreamily into their little infant faces. 🙂 NEVER in a million years could I have guess what Milo’s personality would be. 🙂

so excited to celebrate little R in a couple of weeks!!

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