My baby is TWO!

26 03 2011

My dearest R,

Today you are TWO years old (although you often act/talk like you are four already). 24 months. 104 weeks. 728 days. You have been amazing for each and every one of those 728 days. These past two years have been the absolute best years of my life, hands down. Our life is simple. Daddy and I just love on you, play with you and spend time with our families. We don’t need much entertainment because you provide more than enough for us! Our life is simple, yet sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by how honored and how blessed I am to be your Mommy. I get to be your mom every day and it feels so normal and regular most of the time, yet sometimes it knocks me off my feet that I could be so honored to have you in my life! I get to watch you grow and learn and change right before my very eyes and I get to have a significant impact on you as a tiny human being. We have a special relationship, you and I. Everyone tell us all that all the time that it is fun to watch us be mommy and daughter. How cool is that? Unfortunately, it also means you save your biggest fits for me, too!

You are the sweetest little girl I have ever known. You are so caring and kind. I adore the fact that you love to hug and kiss and cuddle more than any toddler I’ve met. My favorite time is when you just want to “huggie both,” which means you want to hug Mommy and Daddy’s neck at the same time. Although you do think it’s a little funny when you accidentally hurt mommy or daddy… but you still always say “sorry, mama,” as you giggle uncontrollably. Your giggles are my favorite sound in the world. They light up my life brighter than the sun. And the best part is you giggle a lot! You are such a happy little girl and you LOVE to be the center of attention, which works out because you pretty much always are the center of attention.

You are growing up so fast. You are the smartest kid I’ve met and you understand everything. You are already talking in complete sentences almost all of the time and you and I actually have full blown conversations. You use your hands a lot to talk more emphatically and it is simply hilarious. You are learning to express yourself in ways other than throwing fits and telling me that you are mad or scared or whatever. You are really understanding the order of things “FIRST shoes, then outside,” which really makes it easier on me. You have known all of your colors, shapes and numbers for a long time, and recently you have been singing your ABC’s (although you get a little caught up at Q). It about kills me when you notice that I have a hair in my face and fix it for me. You are quite the little boss and tell everyone what to do, “sit down,” “drink it all gone,” “come on!” For some reason, you don’t particularly care for my (or anyone’s) singing most of the time. If I start to sing you thrown up your scolding finger and not-so-nicely tell me to “Stop it.” You also frequently tell Cappy to “Shut UP,” when he barks at the neighbors, so in a few more months I hope you can grasp that those aren’t nice words. You love to run, jump, and march and we frequently do all three around the coffee table in the living room or around the island in the kitchen… all… day… long… and I love every minute of it. You have gotten so silly and you have such a great sense of humor. You talk in silly voices and laugh when daddy or I are being silly and even call us “silly gooses.” You LOVE to watch movies and since Daddy and I have always loved movies, it is our Friday night routine. You are CRAZY over “snack sruit” (fruit snacks) and you are still such a good eater if we can get you to sit still long enough. You love broccoli and green beans and would eat mac n cheese until you explode if we let you.

You are potty trained… I think. You have done so well in this area I could just jump up and down and shout! You were so easy to potty train (you make everything easy) and I am so proud of you. You are such a little person and there is no baby left in you, as evident by the fact that none of your pants fit your diaper-less butt (I may have to go buy you some 6-9 shorts- no joke).

Right now, we are waiting to give you a little brother or sister.  It excited me so much to know that by the time you are able to read this, you will already know how that works out.  I cannot wait to watch you be a big sister and I know that you will be the best one there ever was!  I hope you know that we love you more than you could ever imagine and we are growing our family just as much for you as for us.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet angel.  Daddy and I will make sure you have a wonderfully happy day with lots of sugar and bouncing!

Love Mama




2 responses

26 03 2011

Awww, happy birthday, R! You are one lucky girl to have such adoring parents – and my guess is they think they are the lucky ones:). Enjoy your special day, I know it will be filled with love and fun memories!

31 03 2011

Awwww, this is SO incredibly sweet! I’m way late in posting it here, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful little girl!! She is absolutely amazing and you are an absolutely amazing mommy!!


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