A family of four

26 12 2011

I have so much to say about the past few weeks in my house, but I am struggling to find the right words and I am struggling to decide how much to share.

The basics…

We got a call from our agency on Tuesday the 13th telling us we had been chosen by the parents of a 7 week old baby girl.  We met them the following day and we officially matched with them, planning a placement ceremony for Saturday, the 17th.

Ensue panick.

I effectively got ready for a baby, registered, and finished Christmas shopping/baking/wrapping in two days (two days longer than we had last time!!).  Then on Saturday, we brought home a baby girl!

She an absolutely amazing baby.  I don’t dare call her easy, but she is certainly easy-going!! Big sis (baby sis’ name also starts with an R, so big sis can’t be R) is doing SO good and I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed and honored and humbled and in awe.

I have so much to write about.

1.  Placement – rocked me to my core.

2. The circumstances in Little Sis’ adoption plan and where that leaves us now.

3. Adopting a 7-week-old versus a newborn.

4.  Surprise adoptions… the good and bad of it all.

5. Christmas as a family of four.

Most of these posts will be password protected and probably not in that order.






5 responses

27 12 2011
Debbie Brown

So happy for you. I can’t imagine what it must have been like happening so quickly. We had 8 days with Isabel already being born, but that wasn’t around Christmas. I’m sure the holidays must have made it a bit more emotional.

27 12 2011

I am so happy for you and also curious about the whole story! More so because I work with infants and toddlers in the foster care system and wonder how the private adoption world handles placing a 7 week old baby. It’s not just because I am nosey:). I am thrilled for you! SO glad I get to follow you on facebook and see those beautiful pictures:). Take care!

27 12 2011

Oh wow!!! So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

27 12 2011

Glad you’re back on the blogosphere! I mentioned your wonderful blessing but didn’t want to take away your thunder, so I mentioned no particulars. So you did get some hits from my end of the world.

Oh I can tell you ALLLLLL about ninja placements. Hit me up if you wanna compare notes. 🙂 That said, I’ve completely spaced on your password.

28 12 2011

You already know how I feel – i can’t wait to read all the upcoming posts!!

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