I don’t like Mother’s Day

14 05 2012

There.  I said it.  And it’s true.  But, I also don’t like Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day.  I don’t like “hallmark” holidays, or holidays that make you feel like crap if you aren’t on the inside.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it yesterday when my husband let me sleep in, cooked me breakfast and my girl greeted me several times with “Happysmothers Day!” (I’m not sure if it was supposed to be Happys Mother’s day or Happy Smothers Day).  But I didn’t love when my mom opened her ipad and then my husband had to apologize because his gift was something small (and I would have been angry if he had spent that kind of money on me and I LOVED my thoughtful gift).  I didn’t like the constant posts on facebook “Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms,” because it makes me heart hurt to remember the time when that would have made my heart hurt.  I struggle to think of my friends that are still waiting, or waiting again.  It makes me sad to think of the pain that my friends that have lost their moms felt yesterday.  It makes me so sad that yesterday brought pain to by daughters’ birth mothers.  I don’t like the build up of the holiday, thinking it has to be perfect and that how much my children/husband love me will be measured in the cards/gifts I get (I don’t feel that at home, just from outside sources)  So, its not my favorite holiday, even though I do enjoy celebrating my motherhood with my family.  I don’t need it.  I pretty regularly celebrate that with them.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because all you have to do is just enjoy each other, cook and eat.  My next favorite is 4th of July.  Notice a trend?  Family time, no gifts, no pressure, just food and fun.




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14 05 2012

Re-reading, this kind of sounds negative. I don’t feel negative about the holiday, I just don’t particularly care for it. I would prefer just a “Happy Mother’s Day,” a ticket to sleep in and a card, if you must. 🙂

14 05 2012

Very well stated–and I have to say I agree! I remember all too well how much it hurt to “make it” through those holidays when all I wanted was to be a mom and to have a family. Mother’s Day was always one of the worst. It’s so odd now–and that’s why I love your post–to be on the inside but still knowing and remembering what it felt like to be somewhere different. Hard to avoid getting sucked into all the hype. I’m thankful to you for posting this!

15 05 2012

I do hate the fake holidays. Can I call them fake? I do feel like they’re Hallmark-ee. I spent most of yesterday feeling horrible because my husband didn’t do what I wanted him to do (and he did plenty) and I felt sad for all those who weren’t moms for a variety of reasons – singleness, inferility, pregnancy lost – and wanted to be.

I agree – Thanksgiving is usually my favorite. 🙂

Good to see you writing again. xoxo

15 05 2012

I totally agree!

Because of the hurt.

And also because I like my presents and cards of the just-because variety. Not the because-I-should variety.

I tell Mike all the time that Thanksgiving is my hands-down favorite – yummy food, great company, no gift exchanging, no excluding (the vegetarians can skip the bird and still be full), etc.

I don’t think it sounded negative, and I melted a little when Fletch popped out of bed, remembering his prompts from Mike the night before … IT’S YOUR DAY! HAPPY MY MOMMY’S DAY! CUPCAKE FOR YOU?

But still, I prefer the mashed potatoes day.

16 05 2012

I can see why Mother’s day isn’t your favorite and all. It’s not one of my favorites but for much different reasons.

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