Now I can sleep easy

25 03 2009

So, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I hate the nursery mural. This morning, I walked in to stare at it and hate it and it hit me. The orange color just isn’t right! It is way too bright! It doesn’t match the stripes or even any of the other giraffe spots! How could I make this mistake?????

So, I fixed it tonight! I am so much happier with it and it is perfect! See the difference??



It is subtle, but it makes all the difference. Crisis averted! Project finished!

My Weekend

24 03 2009

So, Saturday we had some of the guys coming over to get the boat summer ready. My SIL said she wanted to bring the twins over (two in the middle), at the same time as a friend of mine asked if I could babysit for her (the one on the left). So, I called baby on the right’s mom to bring him over, too. It was great fun! At one point, they all cried at the same time. We couldn’t stop laughing!! Poor babies!! It is funny to think that these are all the products of the trio of pregnancies that were so hard for me to deal with. I love all these kids, and it is strange how all of those feelings I had with the pregnancies all just melt away when those giant bellies turn into actual babies.

Some things of note:

~I was babysitting my friends’ baby when my SIL arrived and I realized I would have rather been snuggling with my niece of nephew… It made me feel very badly for feeling that way, but it also made me feel very connected to my niece and nephew. It feels awesome that we will have that bond…strictly becuase we are related (and not by blood!!).

~Captain did fantastic with all the babies! Baby on the right’s mom put him on the floor first thing and let captain lick all over him. Baby even giggled a little! It was so cute! I think letting him lick and explore the baby reduced his curiosity, becuase after that, all the babies hung out on the floor, and other than a toe lick or two, he just watched them. At one point, he even started doing his cuddly, rolly thing he does when he gets a new toy he loves, or after I rub behing his ears. I always call it his love roll and he was doing it next to all the babies. He loves them! It made me so happy and I was so proud of him. I think he will have very little trouble adjusting when our little one comes. The only thing was that he seems to be in love with the soothies! He stole them five times, and we had two soothie casualties. I think he was just waiting for them to drop them out of their mouths to attack!


My mom came into town Saturday night. She is moving my sister back home with her this week, but she came early to paint the nursery mural. It is finished and I feel a little dissapointed. It is exactly how I imagined it, but I feel a little let down. I don’t really know why, though. Part of me wants to paint all the walls white and start from scratch with something a little more modern and less cutesy. (don’t worry, I won’t do this!)

Anyway, here is the finished product.

Art Therapy

21 01 2009

I have been being very crafty! And loving it! There is something about preparing for baby that makes me feel like it is really going to happen– or at least it helps me to forget that I don’t really feel like it will happen.

I made these four frames. The three on the left are a set that will hang on the wall as posed here. The top one says GIRAFFE, the middle is green polka dots, and the bottom one has a giraffe that I painted. The one on the left is a table frame and it says GIRAFFE and has the same yellow, green and orange giraffe.

These guys will be on the white shelves that will one day hang in the nursery.

I painted these two bins. I plan to make two more to match someday soon.

These were my first project. The letters spelling out BABY and a frame painted to match each one. My favorite is the first B and matching frame with the stripes. You can’t see it well in the picture, but there are all 4 colors in stripes. (Captain is VERY interested in what we are doing here!!)

A little coat hanger.

I needed a clock for the nursery and I found this one online. It was about $20, which wasn’t too bad, but I thought I could do better.

So, without spending a DIME and using only stuff I already had at home…. waaalllaaaahhhhh!!!

Then there was this lamp that I have been coveting at BRU for months. Then, of course, it was DISCONTINUED! The nerve! I did find it on ebay for 49.99, but ummm….no!

So I made this!! Total cost $8 (lamp shade $6 WM, lamp, $2 at Good.will)

I always feel like my mom when I get all creative like this. It is so much fun for me and I love the amount of money that I save and the fact that everything in the nursery matches perfectly! My mom is in the process of painting a canvas with the giraffes that are on the crib quilt. As soon as I have that in hand, we are going to hang everything up all at once. I can’t wait until it is finished….but then what will I do for therapy?

Snippets of info from the past few weeks…

27 09 2008

– My SIL (preg with twins), said to me, “since we are both expectant mothers…” and it made me tear up a little bit. I need to remember to thank her for saying that later.
– My step-mother and I had a great conversation about open adoption. She seems to be the only one interested and trying to understand why I would want that on any level.
– We went to a funeral and the daughter of the deceased works for a school that trains men and women in the National Guard. Her students showed up in two busses fully decked out in their uniforms to support their “family,” as they called it. It still gets me choked up to think about.
– My brother (who I rarely see eye-to-eye with and I struggle to remain on speaking terms with) stated, “I don’t even feel like he is my son, anymore,” about my nephew (who they adopted at age 5 and is having some relatively typical behavioral issues). The way my family reacted with such anger and sadness over that comment and the way that they love that boy so incredibly much gives me full faith that “adoption” will never be any kind of issue in my family. By the way, I am not speaking to my brother right now.
– My BIL (who is my fav of all my in-laws by a long shot and who will only be technically an in-law for a few more months due to a personally devastating divorce) came to my house this weekend and specifically asked to see the nursery even though he would have to walk up the stairs with his busted knee that he just blew out and is awaiting surgery to repair two torn ligaments. It really meant a lot to me that he wanted to see it without having to be reminded it was there.
– I lost 4 pounds my first week of WW (did I say I was starting WW?). I know it was mostly water weight, but I’m excited and motivated anyway! 4 more to go, them maintenance.

My new favorite room in the house

25 09 2008

So, we got the news a few weeks ago that we were going to be official soon. We had to wait to get a little more feedback on our letter (hence this post and this post), and then get those babies printed and sent off with that ginormous check. So, me being the motivated person I am, I got to work.

We worked for two weekends strait on the nursery. I had so much fun, worked so hard and hurt SO bad after 16 hours of measuring and painting stripes, 6 hours of measuring and nailing moldings (both crown and chair), 2 hours of caulking and sanding, and one hour of reading those directions on that little crib. But I love it! We are far from done, but now it is all the little details that we can do ever so slowly as we feel fit. I love the giraffes, I love the polka-dot crib sheet, I love the stripes on the wall and I LOVE how the crib turned out (even though when we un-boxed it and while we were putting it together I wanted to throw up because I HATED it and I knew hubby would never let me send it back now). I need to figure out what (and if) I am going to do about a crib quilt. I have a perfect picture in my head, and I could make it myself if I could do that sort of thing. I know people that could help me, but we will see. Do I need one? Probably not in the beginning, but later I think I will. Plus it could really mean a whole lot to me if I did something like that for the first time for my first little one.

So here are a few pictures, even though I rarely post them…

Me painting stiripes…

Hubbs and my sis reading crib directions….

The finished product… for now anyway.

I can’t wait until my mom can come back and paint those little giraffes on the wall. That will make it feel completely done for me.

Research, Research, and More Research Part 1

27 08 2008

I am loving doing research on the baby items. A few weeks back I started a little registry at Babies R Us, and now I am revising, revising, revising. I love the advice I come across in the blogosphere like here and here. I also am doing a (short) subscription to Consumer Reports to see how well that helps me.

Let me start by saying that I have a tendency to want the best, especially when it comes to a baby I have been waiting so long for. Many times, I will start out with the best, then make educated sacrifices here and there. I also tend to want everything to match, to be brand loyal, and to have the newest, coolest thing around. All of these things tend to settle down with me after I have been looking for something for awhile.

I struggle finding gender neutral things that I really like and really think are gender neutral. With all the major purchases, I would want them to be gender neutral anyway, since I plan on having more than one child and I would like to reuse most of those major purchases. I will tell you that once I know fur sure the gender of my child, he/she will be showered with gender specific clothing and toys!

First and foremost for me a car seat. With that, I would like to do a travel system. I know a lot of people don’t like these because they are big and bulky, but the reality is that I am almost 6 feet tall and I need something that is comfortable for me and my height (i.e. a stroller I don’t have to bend down to push). I originally registered for this, but now I am having second thoughts. First, I am not too sure how gender neutral the fabric is. I think if I had a little girl in this, people would always think she was a boy. I have also read reviews that the fabric is hot, which in AZ is no good. I also have been reading good reviews on this. So I am deciding between the two, and then deciding on a pattern/fabric.

This one’s stroller is CR #1 rated and the car seat ranks pretty well, also. I like the patterns available on this one, and I like that it comes with lots of matching other stuff like a bouncer, diaper bag, swing, and playyard. It folds very small, but is heavier than most and you can’t fold it with one hand.

This one’s car seat is CR #1 rated in all categories and the stroller rates very well also. It is lighter and you can fold it with one hand, but it doesn’t fold very small.

They are both pretty similarly priced, also. I can’t decide on this one. I tried out the first one at babies, but I’ll have to go back again.

For Bouncers, I registered for this: Graco Soothe & Swaddle Bouncer in Deco
But after reading CR, quickly changed my mind to this: Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

More to come!

Keeping Busy

8 08 2008

I have been so busy! It is great! It’s making time go by so quickly (as far as our wait goes), but I also feel a little flustered that I can’t get everything done! Some things I have been doing to keep my busy…

Captain. Our new puppy needs so much of our attention. I am having so much fun with him (except when he won’t pooder at 6am. In AZ it is HOT even at 6am.). Grooming him, running him to the vet for his shots and playing with him is taking up about half my life right now. It is so much fun!

The Nursery. I have so many ideas and so little money! Hehe. I love scouring online to find the perfect little thing that I am looking for. I have ordered a million paint samples and still haven’t decided.

Decorating. I am creating two different collages of photo frames in our home right now. One in the garage (I know, weird, but they are from our boat and quad trips- so they go in the garage) and one in our upstairs loft. I love pictures – taking them and framing them and looking at them!

Cooking. Lately I have been learning to cook and I love it! I love that my husband loves to eat my food and that we are eating cheaper and healthier.

Research and registry. I have been doing tons and tons of research on important baby items like car seats, strollers and cribs. I have also been doing research on things I won’t be buying, like sleep positioners and co-sleepers. I have also been researching the right books to buy and read about child development and parenting. Eventually, all these things will be put on our registry.

Trips. I don’t feel like I am ever home. Last weekend I was up north, this weekend I am staying in a hotel across town with family in town, next weekend I am heading back up north (yay!).

Blogging. I’m obsessed, I admit it. I am on here several times a day updating and being updated. I love hearing about everyone’s stories and I love finding new stories to follow.

Honestly, part of me is a little flustered. I don’t even have time to do all the things I want to do, but at least I am not sitting and twiddling my thumbs!