A few quick updates:

23 06 2008

Our birthmother letter is finished. After much difficulty and emotional upheaval, we are really finished and we have our one copy ready our caseworker. Yay!

I got some of the stuff I ordered for the baby’s room. So cute! It made me so excited to really be able to grasp the image of what it will look like. I’m thrilled with it and can’t wait to keep working on it.

Our friend just had her baby yesterday and we are headed over there to see her at the hospital tonight! So excited! I spent my lunch hour playing in the baby section of target and spent way too much money!

My sister in law finds out tomorrow the results of the last IF cycle! So nerve-wracking.


Yellow giraffe

11 06 2008

We went to Toys R Us this weekend and of course, found ourselves playing around in the baby section. It is nothing compared to babies r us, but we have one of those less than a quarter mile from our house (uh-oh!) We got into a little tiff because the hubs wanted to buy a football pacifier. I said that we were only buying non-gender specific things, and he tried to say that it wasn’t gender specific (along with the sports blanket and football mobile). Oh boy!

But, while we were there, we decided we were going to go ahead with decorating the nursery and we decided we would do the room in green and yellow, centering around giraffes. I’ve always liked giraffes and they are pretty gender neutral. The thing is, MOST of what I am finding is safari themed, and that is VERY boy and I don’t really like the safari theme too much. So, I am going to have to do a lot of searching for the right stuff, which I LOVE because then it will take me a long time and I won’t be able to just whip it out. We bought our first gift for a little one to celebrate our certification, so now it is officially “the baby’s room.”

Nursery Dilemma

2 06 2008

My sister-in-law is going through “The Big D” and moving out of her house. She needed a bed to sleep on and since we have two spare bedrooms with two queen beds, she asked if she could “borrow” one. Since eventually (hopefully sooner than later) we will be converting one of those spare rooms into a nursery, we of course agreed. We moved it out this weekend, so now the room that we have been referring to as “the eventual nursery,” is now empty. This is precisely what so many of us try to avoid – is that empty room haunting us during this period of wait.

So, now I need to decide what is more depressing; an empty room, or an empty nursery.
This is something I have struggled with for the past year. Decorating is my thing. I love it. It is my bread and butter to spend months thinking and planning and creating pictures in my head to decorate. Our home we live in now was being built for 10 months and by the time we moved in, I had every room decorated in my head, from the paint and pictures, to the throw pillows and candlesticks. I’m a researcher and bargain shopper, so I always make sure I get a good deal, and it takes me some serious time to make decisions. So, for me, it might be very therapeutic to go through the whole process of decorating (truth be told, I have many mental pictures already). What I worry about is once that is done…..how will I feel?

However, on the other side of things, if I wait until we are matched, I will have to sit with a completely empty room and I will have idle hands. Also, if we get matched and placed in short period of time, I will miss out on that bargain shopping, endless hours of painting in my head and roaming around Babies R Us.

I had this other idea also, where I could kinda do something in the middle. We could create a baby registry (maybe even two- one for a girl and one for a boy). That way, I could do the shopping and planning and organizing and all that stuff that I LOVE to do, without actually buying anything. Then, if we get matched and placed quickly, I could call in the troops (my family) and they could execute my plan for me. With this plan, I would still have to have an empty room in my house….. Hmmm…… What’s a girl to do?