25 04 2009

My new best friend is the whistle. Also Captain worst enemy. Poor guy. But man, it has worked like a charm!! If I even pick up a paci he runs the other direction. He was pretty mad at me for two days, though. I think he has forgiven me now.

R is doing fantastic. No RSV, thank God! I think today we feel like she for sure isn’t going to get it (8 days since she has been exposed), so we are going to leave the house! Yippeeee!!!

We bought a new video camera because ours was broken. It is pretty awesome and it was cheap. Last night my in-laws brought over a DVD they had made from all the videos of Hubbs and his sisters growing up. It was hilarious. It was really funny to see how times has changed, TVs, cars, bikes etc. So today we are giving R’s future self a tour of all things in 2009. So much fun!


Aversion Therapy

23 04 2009

Ok, so I am not going to buy another pacifier! Currently we are up to 16 pacifiers lost. You’d think as the humans we would be smarter than the pacifier snatching dog and just not leave them within his reach, but we’re not. My baby is crying and I am trying to make her feel better so the value of the pacifier (which is not doing its job at the moment) gets lost on me…then the dog makes his move. We tried putting little pacifier boxes around the house, which has helped, but one slip up and the little monster sniffs the sucker out.

So today, Aversion Therapy. We have the bait, a slightly bitten, unusable binky that wasn’t torn to shreds and the aversion, a coach’s whistle. Anytime little puppy goes near the bait, he gets the whistle. He DOES NOT LIKE IT! I am disgusted to say that I am really enjoying this. I am sick sick sick. My poor little puppy! He totally freaks out and then tries to climb on momma’s lap. And momma just laughs at him. Poor guy. Bad momma!

I do have to say that I think this may work. Or at least help. So far, I have only had to blow the whistle three times. But I have to put the bait away when R is awake or in the room. I am pretty sure she also wouldn’t enjoy the high pitched whistle… enough so that I don’t want to try it out.

Next up: the set up. Dad is going to hold baby on the couch with the pacifier (not in her mouth, obviously) and then casually get up and go upstairs, “mistakenly” leaving the bait on the couch. Mom is going to be hiding behind the couch. I’ll let you know what happens…

Disclaimer: Since the RSV scare, which we are still watching closely, we have not left the house AT ALL. I might be going a little stir crazy and getting a little too into this aversion therapy. I wonder if I could also get him to stop chewing my underpants with this….???


14 04 2009

We are learning to live sleep deprived. Honestly, I thought it was all overplayed. All of you that talked about the sleep deprivation- I thought you were a bunch of sissies! Ha! It is no joke, my friends. Even on the nights when she just wakes, eats and goes back to sleep- oh so tired!

Little missy has some serious gas issues. We are trying a new formula which seems to be helping a little but I hope it does more once she gets used to it. I feel so bad for her watching her struggle. It is so sad! Any advice for gassy babies would be greatly appreciated!

Other than that she is a really good baby. Without jinxing myself, I want to say that I am very thankful for her easy-going demeanor.

I am starting to realize she knows I am her mom. We have been spending some time with other people and I have learned how much I know her. I told peole she is a great burper. Turns out, I am great at burping her! Who knew! The other day, she was SCREAMING and as soon as I picked her up- completely fine. What an awesome feeling! I am her mom! Sometimes I forget.
Poor little Captain! He is doing so much better! The jealousy thing has totally worn off, but he is living sleep deprived also! He wakes when we wake and really stresses when R cries! He cries right along with her sometimes! I’ve never seen him so tired! He still steals her binkies like crazy (we are currently down 11 of them- at $2 apiece….darn dog!!!), but other than that, I think they are going to be BFFs.
He got a terrible haircut and doesn’t even look like the same dog. I literally laughed until I cried when he got home from the groomers. I think I scarred him for life- he was so embarrased. He looks like the luck dragon from the never ending story. Haha!



8 04 2009

Wow. So much to say, so little time. Well, thank you all for the well wishes, congratulations and prayers. Keep ’em coming. Without saying too much, we have learned that there is an additional “potential” party involved in the matter of our little angel baby. So, due diligence needs to be done in that respect, which at this point appears to be going to take an additional 60 days. The first few days with this news was rough and scary. With each passing day I am more and more confident that nothing is going to come of this. We have every reason to believe this will all work out, but it is hard to rest knowing that isn’t 100% a sure thing. In my heart it is. This is my daughter and I love her to pieces. It is an amazing feeling, an amazing gift to have this child in my life. She is growing and changing every day and I am so thankful to be here for each tiny milestone. I love that she recognizes my voice, my face, my touch. She knows I am her mom. That feeling is absolutely indescribable!

I’m not ready to share R’s story yet. With the new info we recived, it has changed her story, and I haven’t quite pieced it together. Before this new information, her story was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Now, it is a little trickier (although still very much perfect becuase it is her story- how she came to us) but I don’t really know how to talk about it and to tell her about it. So I will wait until all of that soaks in.

Experiencing adoption at the extreme velocity that we have, I am surprised at how different I feel and felt. I didn’t fall in love as fast as I imagined, but the love I feel now is crazy deep, meaningful and specially designed specifically for her. It is weird becuase it took me awhile to feel that real connection – but now it isn’t a connection between me and my child, it is a deep connection between me and R specifically — subtle difference, but huge in the heart. It is amazing. I knew I would love any child placed in my arms, but honestly, I can’t imagine loving any other child than this. I think I am probably rambling and not really making much sense, but I guess it is all just overwhelming.

Isn’t is completely crazy how fast this happened? We literally learned about R and then 23 hours later she was on our way home! I am so very thankful that we decided to have a baby shower Honestly, I may have lost it!!! It was hard enough having to go get all the things I needed and didn’t know I needed (not to mention try to clean a house that wasn’t prepared for a baby), I can’t imagine having to go buy all those things I already had! Crazy crazy crazy! Everything happens for a reason, I suppose. For those of you questioning whether or not to have a shower pre-match – my advice, very necissary!!!

Everything is great. R is healthy and happy and so far we are blessed with a very easy going kid. She has got these eyes that make me melt and a little cry that makes me laugh a little (i know, a little mean). She also does this gas-giggle thing. You’ve heard of gassy smiles, right? She actually giggles. It is freakin amazing and hysterical.

Captain has been doing well…… up until today. I may choke him! I think the jealousy has finally kicked in. tomorrow he has a play date, so hopefully it will help! Poor little guy! I’d bet it is hard being kicked out of your number one spot. But he is good to her, just a little obnioxious as of yet!

So much more, but I am exauhsted. I cant wait to tell you all of the hilarous night-time adventures we have been having. Not fun at the time, but hysterical the next morning. tomorrow is our first post-placement, so got to rest up!

My Weekend

24 03 2009

So, Saturday we had some of the guys coming over to get the boat summer ready. My SIL said she wanted to bring the twins over (two in the middle), at the same time as a friend of mine asked if I could babysit for her (the one on the left). So, I called baby on the right’s mom to bring him over, too. It was great fun! At one point, they all cried at the same time. We couldn’t stop laughing!! Poor babies!! It is funny to think that these are all the products of the trio of pregnancies that were so hard for me to deal with. I love all these kids, and it is strange how all of those feelings I had with the pregnancies all just melt away when those giant bellies turn into actual babies.

Some things of note:

~I was babysitting my friends’ baby when my SIL arrived and I realized I would have rather been snuggling with my niece of nephew… It made me feel very badly for feeling that way, but it also made me feel very connected to my niece and nephew. It feels awesome that we will have that bond…strictly becuase we are related (and not by blood!!).

~Captain did fantastic with all the babies! Baby on the right’s mom put him on the floor first thing and let captain lick all over him. Baby even giggled a little! It was so cute! I think letting him lick and explore the baby reduced his curiosity, becuase after that, all the babies hung out on the floor, and other than a toe lick or two, he just watched them. At one point, he even started doing his cuddly, rolly thing he does when he gets a new toy he loves, or after I rub behing his ears. I always call it his love roll and he was doing it next to all the babies. He loves them! It made me so happy and I was so proud of him. I think he will have very little trouble adjusting when our little one comes. The only thing was that he seems to be in love with the soothies! He stole them five times, and we had two soothie casualties. I think he was just waiting for them to drop them out of their mouths to attack!


My mom came into town Saturday night. She is moving my sister back home with her this week, but she came early to paint the nursery mural. It is finished and I feel a little dissapointed. It is exactly how I imagined it, but I feel a little let down. I don’t really know why, though. Part of me wants to paint all the walls white and start from scratch with something a little more modern and less cutesy. (don’t worry, I won’t do this!)

Anyway, here is the finished product.

Always the God-mother, never the mother

12 03 2009

So, last night with the babies was so much fun!! I only spent about an hour and a half with them by myself, but their parents stayed for dinner, so I got to spend the whole evening with them.

I came to a realization; I love babies. Really, I already knew that, but I think I have been avoiding them a little the past few years. It is pretty awesome to be needed and pretty fulfilling to take a child from uncontrollable crying to contentedly sleeping in just moments.

After I posted last night, I put little boy in the pack and play and little girl was fussy so I just held her and continued to work on the computer. Little boy sneezed and it startled me- I had forgotten he was there!! It was only for a few seconds, but it made me laugh to think of how different twins are than singletons and I am just not used to two!!! I like not having to share, thought!

So, like I said in my last post, I am a little worried about my little puppy. A big story unfolded in my city where a chow bit a two week old infant on the head and the bite was fatal. The parents were both police officers and their chow had been their fur-baby pre-infant. Obviously, the story is heartbreaking, but it makes me a little nervous.

Captain seems to be just interested in them, but also a little starved for attention (he is like that when there aren’t babies around, too though. Attention whore!). At this point, I am not worried. He just wants to lick the crap out of them, but he does try to jump and grab their feet when I hold them and walk around (puppy’s got hops!).

My SIL said she read that yorkies are known for that type of thing, too (Captain is ½ yorkie). I can find that they are known for jealousy, but not for biting in a fit of jealousy (do they go hand in hand?) I found a good article on preparing your fur-baby for the real thing. Especially since ours is immensely spoiled.

The biggest thing for us is obedience. I don’t want to take obedience classes, and since he had clearly chosen me to be the far favorite in the house, I would have to take him. One more thing on the list before baby comes, I guess.We have talked about getting another puppy so he will have someone to play with, but I think that just might make us have two jealous dogs!

Anyway, once my SIL and BIL came home, we sat down to dinner and they asked us to be the twins’ god-parents. How cool is that? I was totally honored and got a little teary-eyed. What a compliment, huh? I don’t think there is a greater one than someone else choosing you to be the parent of their child if something happens to them. We talked about it for a long time and after awhile I jokingly said, “Now, you realize that by doing this you make a little-teeny part of me want you dead, right?” Of course we all laughed and they said, “Yeah, we already considered that.”

By then end of 2009, I will have 6 god-children. Now all I need is something terrible to happen to my friends and family and I am in!! Hehe! I am totally kidding, by the way. That is NOT how I want to become a mother. I would embrace it, though, for the record.

Christmas in Utah

30 12 2008
Christmas with my family was awesome (once we got there)! It was the first time in about 15 years that my Mom had her WHOLE family together (for the most part anyway). My mom was so happy and excited and it was awesome. One of her sisters got in later than the rest of us and it brought tears to my eyes to see them hold each other and jump up and down with excitement when she arrived.

Captain saw his first snow, and he loved it! Well, for about 20 minutes, anyway. Then he just shivered miserably! He was so cute, though!

Can you see how deep that snow it? It didn’t stop him!

notice Captain warming in my coat!

The day after Christmas we were going to go sledding, but it was snowing so much we decided to stay home and sled down the street! We had so much fun and laughed so hard! I don’t think us adults even let the kids have a turn on the sled! It was a blast!

We ate like Kings, of course! Hubbs, my cousin and I went snowboarding at Brighton Ski resort! It was soooo cold- like -16 degrees at the summit, which to my Arizona Native body, is WAAAAYYYYY colder than I am used to. At one point, it was snowing and my cousin and I looked at each other and said, “This was not a good idea!” But we had a blast and I am super sore! We get to go again this weekend! Yay for vacations (that we can’t really afford, but you only live once, right!?!?)!

Things with my sister went ok. It wasn’t awkward but she pissed me off repeatedly (lots of other people, too, though so I know I wasn’t being sensitive). I think the hardest part for me is how immature and little she is. I wanted her to at least pretend to grow up a little bit, but she is such a child. I bought her some books on pregnancy (how progressive am I?) and she looked at the picture of the baby at 6 weeks and says, “EEEWWWWW!! This is SOOO disgusting! It has a tail!” Seriously? Kids having kids. She also told someone that she was mad because she couldn’t go on Spring Break and to Vegas on her 21st birthday because she was pregnant and now she had nothing to look forward to. Grrrr!!!! She also constantly complained about being sick and hating how everything smelled and how bad her breasts hurt. She didn’t just mention it, she complained “feel sorry for me” complains. Then would ask, “Doesn’t anyone care that I am in pain???” It was pretty ridiculous – but oh so her! It also made me mad because that was the ONE thing I asked her not to do- complain about what I would give anything for!

I’m doing well with it as far as my own situation is concerned. What I am not doing well with is the thought of her being a mom. It freaks me out for her child so much. I was talking to Hubbs about some of the things that irritated me this weekend. He said that the complaints I have are the same ones I have always had about her- being irresponsible and needing to be the center of attention and being lazy and expecting everyone else to bail her out. He said that it isn’t surprising that those same things are more irritating when we have to look at her as a mother figure. I have no idea how she is going to do it. I have to keep telling myself over and over again that she has nine months to grow up. I hope she gets on it because she has lots of it to do.

But, other than that I feel really good and happy! Things are great and I can’t wait for this weekend!