Sittin’ pretty

10 08 2009

So, guess who is sleeping 10+ hours pretty much every night now? Yep, that’s my girl! Guess who is also sitting up? Yep(at four months!!)! She seriously is super baby!! It is too funny that on Friday I put her to sit up and she just did it like she had been doing it forever. I even tried poking her to get her to topple over and she is steady as can be. Well, obviously she falls over sometimes (especially when she laughs, which is the cutest thing EVER!!), but she is such a champ!

So, I am now a firm believer in the sleep regression stuff. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the day she starts sleeping solidly through the night again she also can sit up like nobody’s business. It makes sense, too, because whenever I start a new job or something, it tends to fill up my dreams and affect my sleeping, too.

A sitting baby is so much fun! She loves to reach for her toys and is really REALLY into watching whatever is on TV. She is such a little angel and has really started talking a lot lately. Actually, it is really shrieking, not talking, but it is music to my ears!

You may have noticed that there are lots of holes in my blog. I have decided that I am not going to post pictures here any longer and I have removed all of them from my previous posts. There have been some news stories that have just made me skeptical about putting my girl’s face out there for all to see. I will keep facebook updated, so hit me up there. I may decided to occasionally post a photo or two if something I can’t keep from sharing occurs (’cause she’s too cute to keep all to myself), but even then I will only leave it up for a day or so. I think that is better than going private or moving to a place where I can pswd protect some posts. So there it is. Have a good week!!


Tricky girl…

5 08 2009

So, after I put R down for bed last night I sat there, armed with a plan and ready to put that plan into action. I was actually waiting in anticipation for her to wake up.

Well, guess what? She never did. 10 hours of sleep without a peep.

Silly little girl. Is she trying to confuse me… or are we on our way to regular peaceful slumber?

Four month sleep regression

4 08 2009

So, I cried this morning. Twice. And then again this afternoon. Then I decided I needed to read a book on baby sleep. I looked at this one and this one and this one. And then I cried again and decided not to buy any of them. Then I went back and re-visited a comment that Karen had left on a previous post about the four-month sleep regression. I did a little googling and started to feel a little better. Then I called the new babysitter to check on R and I cried again, only tears of relief. I talked with the sitter for about 20 minutes on sleep, what she is doing and what she recommends I do. My problem isn’t that I am overly tired or that I am frustrated. It is that I KNOW R is tired and not getting enough/good sleep and I don’t know what the best thing to do about it is.

Backing up a little; Since R started rolling over things have been rough between the hours of 11pm and 6am at our house. Sometimes we have 5 hour stretches, sometimes we have two hour stretches and sometimes (Sunday night) we have 10.5 hour stretches. On Sunday, I thought we had a breakthrough… but last night was the worst. She went down at 7:30pm and woke at 10, 11, 1, 3 and 4. She is seemingly very uncomfortable, tired and not hungry when she wakes. She can often be soothed back to sleep, but often doesn’t stay that way long (obviously). So last night at 10pm we let her soothe herself back to sleep (while watching on the video monitor). It only took about 6 minutes. At 11pm, I went and patted her back to sleep (because I was feeling guilty about the 6 minutes of CIO). At 1am Hubbs patted her back to sleep. At 3am I picked her up and rocked her back to sleep. At 4am I brought her to our bed, fed her and let her sleep in the swing the rest of the night. She woke up at 7:30 smiling (as usual. If she weren’t so cute it would piss me off.)

I think we get an A+ for consistency!! HA!

We already do a great job at the nighttime routine. We do the same thing every night and have ZERO trouble getting her to sleep. Getting her to sleep at night is a cakewalk. Getting her to STAY asleep is another story. I can’t let her CIO. I just can’t. It isn’t listening to her cry that bothers me, it is the thinking about what she might be thinking that kills me. I just can’t do it. So, here is the plan….

When she wakes, we are going to wait three to five minutes for her to put herself back to sleep (depending on how hard she is crying). Then, we are going to go try to pat her back to sleep and shush her. That almost always works, it just depends on how long it will last. If we decide we need to feed her (which I KNOW she isn’t hungry, but the food will ensure another 3-4 hour stretch of sleep… which I know I shouldn’t feed her to get her to go back to sleep, which is why we try not to, but SLEEPING is part of being healthy and an extra 4 oz isn’t going to hurt her) we are going to feed her in her crib without taking her out. Obviously if she gets super super upset(which doesn’t happen too often), we will have to pick her up, but we are going to do everything we can to avoid that. I am comfortable with this both in philosophy and execution. For me, it is a comfortable mix of “It is nighttime and you need to sleep,” and “we are here to meet your needs.” For the record, I don’t think we have been “spoiling” her or that she is trying to “manipulate” us or anything. I just think she is waking up uncomfortable and we need to show her that it is still time to sleep and not time to wake up and that we are there for her if she really needs us.

It bugs me that the root of our inconsistency is our own laziness. But man, I am tired! But I think we will better now that we have an actual laid out plan.

A funny sleep note is that R is starting to blow raspberries in her sleep. Too cute!

P.S. I think I love R’s baby sitter.

Still here….

28 07 2009

As I come back from my little unintended leave of absence, I wonder if anyone noticed I was gone???

Things have been rather insane lately, in a good way. We have just been so busy with just about everything! Weddings*, trips to the cabin, my baby sister has been in town, working, looking for child care**, watching R grow***, taking editing and printing R’s 3 month photos (coming soon to a post near you).

All in all, things are just wonderful! Last night Hubbs said to me out of the blue while giving R a bath, “This is our baby!!” Yeah, sometimes we still have to pinch ourselves!! I feel like I just repeat myself over and over again, but I cannot express how blessed I feel. I am so thrilled to have a baby, any baby in my life. However, R is the perfect baby for me. She is just the coolest thing ever and I love her more than words can describe.

*the wedding was actually pretty nice. From behind the scenes, it was a total mess and even thought the ceremony started an hour late, I think everything went off without a hitch. R was a big hit (as usual!!) and we had a really nice time in the Northern Arizona forests!! Once I was there, I wasn’t such a grouch about being in the wedding and I actually had a little fun!!

After the wedding there was a little after party in the backwoods (which was weird, but really pretty!). We took both our dog and R with us because we were only staying a short while. Hubbs played his guitar for the crowd and R and I walked hung out and Captain dug in the mud and got incredibly dirty. At one point, a younger woman there with her boyfriend said to me, “You guys just have the perfect little family!! You guys are so cute with your adorable baby and cute as heck puppy! I want to BE you guys!” It made my heart soar to be the envy of someone else. For years and years I have been looking at others longingly to have their family… and now I have that (eventually growing) family! What a compliment! And how right she is! We are so fortunate and fulfilled!!

**On Monday R starts daycare. We met several people, but ultimately decided we are going to try to go to the same place R’s twin cousins go. They live very close (which I like R having little exposure on the roads with all those crazy drivers!!) and my IL’s can help pick her up if we need them to. The lady is nice and my ILs know her well and trust her. My only concern is that she will be able to care for three infants, but after a 1 year-old friend of R’s tried to step on her head, I like the idea of her only being around kids that couldn’t crush her skull. So we are doing a two week trial to see how things go. I have a back up just in case. I am a tad worried about how she is going to do at naptime since my grandma pretty much rocks her to sleep at every nap (even though I asked her not to, but what can you do? Fire the free help?).

***R is doing fantastic! She is growing like a weed and is doing great with her development! Her doc is very impressed!! She had her first solid foods a few weeks back. She was a complete riot!! She didn’t hesitate one bit and jumped right in and innately knew right what to do. Her little trap door just pops right open at the sight of that spoon!! It is the funniest thing! I did miss out on the messy-baby-first-feeding thing, but this was better!!

Night sleeping has suddenly become a challenge for us. I personally thing she just wants to hang out with me now that I am working, but Hubbs swears I am crazy!! I have been more tired the past few weeks than when we first brought her home. It isn’t so bad, but a lot of times I feel like she is terribly uncomfortable. Like she is trying to sleep, but her body is achy and she keeps tossing and turning. Occasionally I give her Tylenol, but I don’t want to over do it, especially since I don’t really know what the deal is. The other night, she tossed and turned and groaned from 2 am until 6 am. I felt so bad for her!! She is sleeping a little longer now that we have established a good nighttime schedule and bedtime. Also, the rice cereal has helped, too. It is like she sleeps great for like 6 or 7 hours, and then can’t get comfy to get back to sleep, which is unusual for her.

She is a total Mamas Girl right now, which is good because i need her to be. Having my grandma at our house has been very stressful and as eternally thankful as I am for her generous help (we literally couldn’t have done it without her), I am ready to move on to the next chapter where I don’t feel like I am entertaining every night. Hubbs is a little jealous of the Mamas girl thing, but he always says that he gets it, I am pretty easy to love. LOVE that man!

She goes for her four month appointment on Wednesday (can you believe she is four months old!?!? Cripes, time flies!!).

My baby sister is here!!! We are having a lot of fun, despite the fact that I have to work. We went to the cabin last weekend and this weekend we are actually going to take a trip to the lake!! I am also taking Friday off work to just hang out with her and R. What should we do????She is getting to spend a lot of time with R and really bond with her, which is cool because her twin nieces should be born any day now and she is going to live with them and have plenty of time to bond with them.

More soon! I promise!

My smile box

30 06 2009

I have so much to say and pretty much no time. Things are plugging along rather peacefully. Hubbs is currently in CA for the first of many business trips for his new job that seems to be a good fit. I am thrilled he has a job that seems to work and enjoying the time without him.

R is doing great… except for the sleeping unswaddled thing. We are struggling a bit with that, but I have a plan o’ action that just HAS to work! Mommy needs her sleep! I am also really sick of seeing her struggle at night. But, then again, once she is awake is she is all…

It can’t be that bad, right?

This girl just warms my heart! She is really the sweetest thing ever. She is such a little smile box and she is so close to giggling it makes me antsy!

I have become a terrible blogger friend. Work has been crazy and my plan to stay caught up on company time just isn’t pannig out. I am reading, though! Just a bad commenter!

23 06 2009

We had just about the greatest weekend ever. It was pretty relaxing and also immensely eventful. I am swelling with pride as a mom and just pretty happy altogether. Quite the turnaround, huh?

The post placement visit calmed a lot of my stress, and Hubbs now has a few more irons in the fire in terms of jobs and we decided that we were going to make it work to have someone come in and sweep/mop/dust/bathrooms twice a month so we don’t have to spend our weekends doing that. Hubbs started his job this week (and has had a few interviews, too), which for some reason is less stressful for me than having him at home. I wonder why? The comfort of an impeding paycheck? Control? Ok, so I am a control freak. I’m dealing with it.

Now, onto the important stuff….

I am just bursting with mommy pride lately. R slept just like normal in her crib on the first night!! Yipppeee!! (mommy DID NOT, however. I still feel the need to check on her. Anyone giving away a video monitor?)

R is rolling over for real now! (from her back to her tummy) Considerably early, too! I don’t think she has rolled from her tummy to her back, which I thought was supposed to happen first, but who knows? She does hate tummy time though, so she is probably too busy throwing fits to try to roll over. She is a strong little baby! It was Hubbs’ fathers day present (even though he missed it!) and I was watching and waiting for it to happen. I know most babies eventually roll over, but I was shocked at how excited and honored I was to be a part of that. I was literally bursting and haven’t stopped. Being able to be a mom to this little girl is indescribable. Here is a video. This is the second roll over, not the first, but equally as cute and exciting…

The day she rolled over she also just suddenly developed super neck strength!!

So, with rolling comes the need to stop swaddling. Eeekk!! R LOVES the swaddle. Like an abnormal amount. She can be FREAKING out and get in her swaddle and is peaceful as can be. She is pretty hard to calm without it. So, Sunday we tried just swaddling her with one arm out. I got up 9 times between 8pm and 1 am to turn her back to her back because she had rolled over and hates being on her belly. NINE TIMES!! She wasn’t waking up, just struggling in her sleep. So, I needed to sleep for work, so I swaddled her and cupped her under my arm in our bed (for the first time ever!!). BUT, she didn’t wake up to eat for 10 hours and I had to wake her!! Good signs!!

Yesterday, I got a sleep sack. She slept for 8 hours no problem in her crib with that thing!! We also finally put in her FP rainforest soother. She stared at it until she fell asleep. She did her normal grunting several times throughout the night, where I had to go check on her. She never rolled all the way over or woke up, but each time she was holding her hands rather catatonically about two inches in front of her face. It was so cute to see her adjusting to having them free. After eating at 4 am, she stared at her rainforest thing until she fell asleep again. This girl is a dream!! Then she took two naps this afternoon completely un-swaddled. So, she is learning to self soothe, sleep without the swaddle and in the crib all the same time with no issues. I have a super baby!

We also took her out of the little hammock on her baby tub. She LOVED not being in it. She was kicking her little legs like crazy and splashing, making a huge mess all over the bathroom. It was absolutely hilarious!! I can’t wait to give her a bath tonight, video camera in tow.

This is going to sound kinda weird, but I feel like with all this stuff going on, I have just grown to love her exponentially more the past few days. I just think she is the coolest little thing and it literally gives me chills to think about how awesome she is. I just feel completely overwhelmed with joy and pride over this little girl. It is crazy!!

Relieving stress

20 06 2009

Tonight I am relieving stress. I am not doing anything but hanging out with my girl and doing a little art therapy while she sleeps.

Yesterday was rough. I really almost lost it. There was just too much going on in one day. Hubbs and I are both just dealing with this whole situation very differently, yet very much the same: with a short fuse. I would say that the root of all the stress is financial, but really it isn’t about the actual money or paying the bills at all. It is all about the stress of our new lifestyle; stay at home daddy and working mommy. For some reason, when I am at work, I am super stressed out (about home stuff). But once I am home, I look back at my day and wonder what the heck I was so stressed about. It is tough not being able to stay at home like I wanted, but even more so when someone else is doing your job differently than you would. Ok, yeah, I know I have control issues. Whatever.

But, today I am feeling much better. The stress of having the in-laws over for dinner (never again- they just add to my stress big time!!), post placement visits and messy houses (thanks Hubby!) is behind me and I cancelled my plans for tonight so I can just unwind a little. I am feeling way better!! Out second post placement visit went very well. SW didn’t scoff at Hubbs losing his job, in fact she was very empathetic with our situation and seemed pleased with how we were handling it. Whew. I shouldn’t have been worried, but I guess that is just what I do!! We completed all the paperwork to petition the court and in about 6 weeks we should have a court date. I am ready for that for sure!!

My in-laws are freaking nuts! Seriously. I told Hubbs yesterday afternoon that he needed to call them and reschedule because I was too stressed. He refused so I told him that I wasn’t going to be held responsible for any attitude that I showed them. Ok, when I say them, I really mean HIM. My FIL is a true piece of work! Let me tell you!! They aren’t at my home for two minutes before he is bitching about how he doesn’t get to see R enough (after Father’s Day it will be three times in two weeks. That is MORE than ENOUGH!!). He is king of the guilt trip, and everyone just lets him work them over and it pisses me off. So, my response is, “you know, we are adjusting to a completely new schedule. Our stress levels cannot handle a guilt trip on top of everything.” A few moments later while holding R, he speaks through her, “who is this strange person holding me? Is this the neighbor or a friend? It couldn’t be grandpa, I should know my grandpa.” Later, he makes a comment (again through R) that grandma wants to hold her for “at least an hour.” My response (through R), “I just miss my mommy too much for that!” I did share my time adequately with grandma. After all, it isn’t her fault that her husband is trying to get me to spend some time in prison for homicide. Throughout the evening, he makes other comments that just get under my skin. From, “The profile of her face is really starting to come around.” (WHAAAATTT???? Come around? Seriously?!? If I didn’t know I have the cutest little girl in the world, I might have been offended by that!) to “you’re really going to have to break that habit,” in regards to her listening to white noise at night (and why? I still listen to a rain machine…) When they left, MIL says thanks for having us and Hubbs says, “anytime.” My bitter mood pipes in with, “well, not anytime, but we will do again.” Hubbs was a little mad at that one. Anyway, enough of my vent. In short, my in-laws overwhelm and annoy me.

But, R is doing well. She has some serious eczema that we took her to the doctor for. It is doing much better. She has decided that her carseat is the worst place in the entire world. She screams, and I mean SCREAMS in the car. And this girl is not a crier. It makes me want to pull my own hair out! I did a little research and we ordered a lights and sounds car mirror and we play the rain white noise in the car. Both things seem to be helping.

Tonight is going to be her first night sleeping in her own room. We have done a pretty good job weaning her out of her swing, and onto sleeping in her own room. I am not too worried because she sleeps so well as long as she is swaddled (which will be our next sleeping task!). So, wish me luck. Actualy, she is already asleep in there, I just need to get to bed sometime soon. I have to work in the morning (on a Saturday! Bleh!) and I have to leave for work by 6:30am. At least I will be home by 11am!!